Legacy Society

Leaving a legacy can be powerful. The act of caring for generations to come and providing for the future of others is not only admirable, it is purposeful and significant. When you designate a gift in your will or estate plan to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, you are leaving a legacy that will directly benefit Charlevoix County and all of the people who live here. You also join those who have gone before you, encouraging growth and sustaining the beautiful landscape of life in our region.


To honor all of those who include the Charlevoix County Community Foundation in their future giving plan, we have created the Legacy Society. This group is made up of any individual or couple who designates a future gift to the Community Foundation in their wills or estate plans.  Learn more about joining the Legacy Society.



Anonymous (5)

Bill and Maxine Aten

Sandra Laucher Button

R.J. Button

Chuck and Trudy Center

Rod and Michelle Cortright

Andrea A. and John C. Deane Family Endowment

Roger C. Faculak and Miriam K. Ferrell

Jim Ferguson

Shirley J. Gibson

Tom and Ann Hanna

Chip and Laura Hansen

Bruce and Joyce Herbert

Jim and Evelyn Howell

Joe and Karen Kimmell

Charles R. and Susan S. Kinnaird

Wally Klein

Bruce and Barbara MacArthur

Fred and Barbara Malpass

Paul and Linda Michael

Jeff and Anne Miller

Ken and Shirley Polakowski

John L. and Barbara L. Polinski

Gay Pung

John and Marjorie Smith

William K. Steger

Bennie von Hellens

Todd and Pam Wyatt

Legacies remembered are in italics.