Grants in Action Across the County


BI FIT - New community Fitness center on Beaver Island



To address a community need for a fitness facility on the island and in the school, the Beaver Island Community School and a new not-for-profit community organization called BI FIT partnered to create a space that would serve both students and the community alike.  The school provided the space for equipment and BI FIT raised funds to purchase and install the equipment. Thanks, in part, to a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, made through the Beaver Island Enrichment Fund and the Adams Fund, along with funding that the groups obtained from other island organizations, the resulting fitness center is now open and helping the citizens of Beaver Island to stay healthy all year long!  Community members can use the facility, as well as the larger gymnasium adjoining the space during specific hours.  Please call the school office for more information on using the space. 



Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital 



Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Foundation received a grant to purchase a special machine, called a Saebo-Myo Trac, for patients who need rehabilitative therapy to regain and/or improve function in their extremities. Most patients are recovering stroke victims.  The machine is a glove-like, splint device that uses springs to both strengthen weakened muscles and relax constricted muscles. It is housed at the Boyne Rehab Center in Boyne City.  Pictured above are Susan Roache, Occupational Therapist at Boyne Rehab Center, and patient Michael Seiler, who has been using the machine to help him make big strides in recovering from a recent stroke. “Yes, it’s been more than seven years of hard work to get this far, but I can see how much these Saebo tools are helping me make considerable progress,” said Michael.





Charlevoix Conservation District Community Room



The Charlevoix Conservation District now has a beautiful new space where all members of the community can learn and grow to protect the natural resources of Charlevoix County for generations to come. This new space, located at the district office in Boyne City, allows the district to offer something unique that will reach all the residents of Charlevoix County in addition to their more specialized programs. The addition of the Community Resource Room is a place partners can meet, and residents of all ages can learn about conservation topics, both locally and regionally. The Charlevoix Conservation District is now a place everyone interested in protecting natural resources can benefit from and enjoy.