Forest View benefits from community garden

In October of 2016, residents of the the Forest View Community on Beaver Island indicated that the existing garden plot, which had reached the end of its useful life, could be improved in a number of ways to better serve them.   This new raised bed garden plot now provides the seniors with fresh vegetables and herbs, thanks to grants from the Beaver Island Enrichment Fund and the Health Fund at the Community Foundation.  Grant funding provided for materials to rebuild the garden, including higher fencing to deter “deer in the nearby woods who frequently come to dine on the vegetable buffet.”

 A resident named Glen LaFreniere is pictured here with Pete LoDico, President of the Beaver Island Community Development Corporation, and board trustees Alana Anderson and Connie Wojan.  Glen takes gardening very seriously – he’s sure to water the plants every day and check for whatever can be harvested and shared with other residents.  Pete LoDico worked for more than 10 years to make the Forest View Community a reality.  The 6-unit building provides affordable housing for senior and disabled Island residents.  Alana, along with her husband and other volunteers, put in more than 40 hours of their time to keep the project within budget.  They designed narrow raised beds with wide rows in between for wheelchair/walker access, in addition to a hinged gate.  The deer fencing is sturdy and of an adequate height to keep woodland creatures from making residents’ hard work into lunch.  The beds themselves are reinforced from the inside to ensure that they will last.  The Community Foundation’s grant dollars helped these committed Islanders move the garden project forward for residents of Forest View.  


Kids in Charlevoix Can Rockopotamas


Charlevoix Children’s House requested and received a SUN Fund grant to add two pieces of equipment to the school’s playground area.  Children are now enjoying the Rockopotomas and the Cedarpede, which provide a more active, stimulating space that meets safety requirements. 


The SUN Fund is a partner to the Community Fund.  They both exist to enhance the quality of life in Charlevoix County, even as needs and opportunities change over time.  The SUN Fund is intended for unexpected needs that come up between grant cycles as well as smaller requests, under $1,000.  Learn more about the SUN Fund or make a difference close to home by supporting the Community Fund!










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