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Chuck and Trudy Center love their little piece of peace and quiet nestled in the woods not far from Lake Michigan. Chuck, Charlevoix Township supervisor, and Trudy, who owns a salon in Petoskey, moved to the area when they were in their twenties. They, like many others, have built a good life here, one they feel privileged to have. When they learned about the Community Foundation’s Legacy Society through a letter from some acquaintances of theirs, they decided they wanted to participate. “We have been very blessed,” said Trudy, “and we would like to see our blessings carried on after we are gone.” The couple met with their financial advisor as well as staff at the Community Foundation to determine the best option for giving. Since they’ve both had a lifelong love for animals, they chose to set aside a portion of their estate to create a fund that will support the Charlevoix County Humane Society annually.  The remainder of the estate gift will enrich the Community Fund, which will help the Community Foundation meet needs and advance opportunities in Charlevoix County for years to come.  The Centers understand that we can't predict the future, but we can anticipate it: as times change, this gift will respond.

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The Community Foundation has received many estate gifts that move the community forward for a brighter future. 

Here we remember our special friends who have passed away, but whose legacies live on. For good. For ever. 


Five generations of the Miller family summered in Charlevoix, starting with Jeff's grandmother, continuing through Anne and Jeff's six children and thirteen grandchildren. This community left an impression on the Millers and they in turn left a legacy here.

Jeff and Anne made their home in Baltimore, where Jeff was a curator at the Smithsonian.  It was in Maryland that the Millers first learned about community foundations, and why they decided to become donors to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. "We like the idea of building up the local foundation here, since it's a place that's so meaningful to our family," explained Anne in 2002.  The Millers started a donor advised fund, a tool that allows the donors to have a say in deciding what kinds of issues their grants will address.

Jeff and Anne encouraged both summer and year-round residents to give to the Community Foundation: "Everyone's help is needed.  There's no better way to become part of this wonderful community," Jeff said.  When Jeff passed away in 2005 and Anne ten years later, their daughter Pam Himmelrich continued their tradition of charitable giving in Charlevoix County through the donor advised fund named for her parents.

“While enjoying its many summer pleasures, our parents also recognized that all cities, even small ones like Charlevoix, face challenges,” shared Pam. “It was important for them to be a part of the community and to do their share to keep Charlevoix County vibrant and strong. Over the years, our parents’ giving reflected their interests:  water and land conservation, the Historical Society, family and children services, health care, library services and the arts.  When a special request was brought to their attention, they did their best to respond.  The Charlevoix County Community Foundation has been, and continues to be, a perfect partner in these charitable efforts, highlighting pressing needs and guiding and advising on best practices. Now it is our children and grandchildren who won’t let a summer go by without a Charlevoix visit.  This love of place is now in its fourth generation.  We are proud to follow our family’s example of community involvement, generosity, and unabashed affection for Charlevoix-the-Beautiful, a truly magical place.”




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