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Charlevoix Circle of Arts Welcomes You!


Charlevoix Circle of Arts received grant support earlier this year to purchase outdoor tables, chairs and a bicycle rack to accommodate guests while they attend outdoor events or concerts.  “These purchases were needed due to the fact that while we could offer outdoor programming, we did not have any adequate seating options available,” explains Gail DeMeyere, Executive Director. “In the past we have used plastic lawn chairs that also serve as chairs for our visual arts painting classes, but those are covered in paint and blow away in the wind.”

Since the grant award and implementation of the project, Circle of Arts has been able to more fully use the outdoor space for summer art camps, Gerber Strings offerings, a June 25th Cultural Corridor event, a Paint Out, and a kick-off party for the inaugural Dragon Boat Festival.  Gail adds that “with the ability to provide comfortable seating to our guests, it allows patrons the time to gather and realize what a special place it is here in northern Michigan.”



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