Join us in recognizing National Estate Planning Week


Helping people make a difference close to home is what we do.  The Charlevoix County Community Foundation and the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation connect donors with the causes they care about most, now and in the future.  Many individuals and couples are also making planned gifts through the community foundations.  Working with professional advisors in and around the region, forward-thinking and generous people are making charitable estate gifts that will protect our lakes and streams, educate the next generation of young people, provide greater access to recreation, improve our health and welfare, celebrate the arts and much more.  Every charitable bequest is as different as the people who make them.  Some are directed to support specific charities or causes, and others are broad in scope, recognizing the need for flexibility in the years ahead.

So, who makes these kinds of gifts?  The answer is simple . . . anyone. 

Tim and Amy Wieland recently became members of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation’s Legacy Society.  “Creating an estate plan gave us tremendous peace-of-mind,” Amy said.  “Knowing that after we’re gone, we will still be a part of this community and still making a positive impact through the Community Foundation is comforting to us,” Tim added.  Several miles to the north, Al and Jane Damschroder have been active with the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation.  As members of the John S. Clark Legacy Society, they’ve established a permanent legacy to continue their community support.  Al and Jane commented, “through our estate plan and partnership with the Community Foundation, we are now able to live out their motto, ‘For Good.  For Ever. For Everyone.’”

Estate gifts are among the most special and impactful gifts we have the privilege of facilitating at our community foundations.  These gifts are evidence of donors’ trust in their community foundations and a demonstration of great affection for their communities.  The charitable resources they provide will be transformational in their communities, benefitting area residents for generations to come.

As we recognize National Estate Planning Week, we’re thankful for all the individuals who have thought about the future of Charlevoix and Emmet Counties, and have acted on their thoughts by utilizing their local community foundations as vehicles to make a difference long after they are gone.  We’re thankful as well to the many highly-qualified local and regional professional advisors who have helped their clients do this good work through our organizations.  Together, we’re committed to building a stronger community, now and for generations to come.




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