What Can I Do With My Estate Gift?

The Community Foundation offers a personal approach to planned giving.  We can help you customize your estate gift to support the causes and agencies that are important to you.  Those gifts will become part of a permanent endowment, where they will continue to address charitable needs and opportunities into the future.  For good. For ever.  There is a range of options available to you through the Community Foundation; your estate gift may include one or several of the types of gifts outlined below based on your wishes.


 You can enrich an existing fund with a gift from your estate.

The Community Foundation manages hundreds of funds supporting a wide variety of needs and interests in Charlevoix County.  Here are several examples of how enriching gifts can be applied to make a difference.

➤  Gifts to the Community Fund

The Community Fund gives the Community Foundation the flexibility to support innovative programs, try new approaches, and apply grant money where it's needed most - even as needs and priorities change through the years. Grants from the Community Fund are directed by the C3F Board of Trustees.

➤  Gifts that will enrich favored communities within Charlevoix County

Geographic field of interest funds provide support for a wide range of worthwhile programs and projects that positively impact specific communities within Charlevoix County.  Each community has an advisory committee, which includes former C3F trustees as well as knowledgeable community citizens, who recommend grants from the funds in response to requests accepted twice each year.

  • Beaver Island Enrichment Fund
  • Boyne City Enrichment Fund
  • Charlevoix Enrichment Fund
  • East Jordan Enrichment Fund

➤  Gifts that will address particular areas of interest

Field of interest funds, listed below, provide focused grant support through the grant cycles. 

  • The Arts & Culture Fund supports fine arts to fun arts for all ages throughout Charlevoix County, including music festivals and performances, exhibits, learning opportunities and more.
  • The Environmental Fund provides for the restoration and preservation of the lakes, rivers, streams, forests, and fields that we cherish in northern Michigan.
  • The Health Fund makes grants that aim to improve residents' dental, medical, and mental health through area organizations' programs and services.
  • The Urgent Needs Fund was established in 2009 to support to local food pantries and other organizations that provide for the basic needs of neighbors in our community.
  • The Youth Fund provides support for youth programs and projects throughout Charlevoix County.  Grants are directed by the Youth Advisory Committee, a group of 16 teens representing each of the county’s schools.

➤  Gifts that provide stability and support for area agencies

The Community Foundation holds nearly 50 agency endowment funds that make grants only to the agencies they were established to support.  Donors now have two options for supporting nonprofit agencies they care about – the agency itself and the agency’s fund at the Community Foundation.



You can establish a new fund with a gift from your estate.

Different kinds of funds achieve different results:

➤  Named Funds for the Community

This type of fund works alongside the Community Fund to support needs and opportunities in Charlevoix County in your name.

➤  Field of Interest Funds

This type of fund allows you to identify a broad area of interest to support (recreation, for example). The Community Foundation will award grants to those agencies and programs that address needs within that field. 

  • Named Funds for a Specific Community

Donors may establish a fund for the community they love that will add to the power of the established enrichment fund benefitting that community.

➤  Scholarship Funds

This type of fund helps local students achieve their academic or vocational goals. You may define the scholarship's purpose and set guidelines for candidate selection.

➤  Agency Funds

This type of fund is established to generate ongoing financial resources in support of the specified agency's mission.

➤  Designated Funds

A designated fund allows you to specify one or more charitable beneficiary, along with the percentage of grant-making dollars from the fund you want to direct to each.

  • Named Designated Endowment Fund: the Community Foundation can establish a fund in your name which will make distributions as specified each year.  Distributions can

➤ enrich one or more of the funds held at the Community Foundation; or

➤ support the mission of one or more qualifying charitable organizations in the name of your fund. 

If, in the future, one of the named agencies or funds ceases to exist or ceases to be a charitable or tax exempt organization, the percentage distributed to that organization will be distributed for such purposes or to such agencies as, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundation, most nearly meets your original intention.

When you have considered this information, let’s get together to talk about the legacy you wish to put in place through an estate gift with the Community Foundation.  We're here to help you.


Sara Ward, Director of Development and Donor Services

Charlevoix County Community Foundation

231-536-2440  ·  chansen@c3f.org

301 Water Street  ·  P.O. Box 718

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