All Funds


Alice Garlock Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alyce Lesser Fund for the Community

Andrew Lonyo Fund for the Charlevoix Historical Society

Anonymous I

Anonymous II

Anonymous III

Arlene C. Bardy Memorial Fund

Arthur Taylor Scholarship Fund

Arts and Culture Fund



Barbara G. MacArthur Fund for Charlevoix

B.A.S.E.S. Endowment Fund

Bay Area Substance Abuse Education Services Fund

Beaver Island 21st Century Kitty McNamara Scholarship Fund

Beaver Island Christian Church Funds

Beaver Island Community Center Fund

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Funds

Beaver Island District Library Building Fund

Beaver Island Endowment for Student Success

Beaver Island Enrichment Fund

Beaver Island Historical Society Fund

Beaver Island Scholarship Endowment

Becky Bos Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bellaire Public Schools Enrichment Fund

Belvedere Scholarship Endowment Fund

Belvedere Scholarship Grantmaking Fund

Bethel Joann Bye Memorial Fund

BI Rural Health Center Endowment Fund

BI Rural Health Center Special Project Fund

Bill & Esther Porter Endowment for Student Success

Bill and Jerry Brady Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bob and Gay Pung Fund for Youth

Bob Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bonnie Staffel Fund for Arts & Culture

Boswell Stadium Endowment Fund

Boyne City Booster Foundation - Performing Arts Fund

Boyne City Cooperative Scholarship Fund

Boyne City Endowment for Student Success

Boyne City Enrichment Fund

Boyne City Rotary Club Steve Baker Memorial 22nd Century Fund

Boyne City Rotary Club Fund

Boyne City Scholarship Endowment

Boyne District Library Endowment Fund

Boyne Falls Endowment for Student Success

Boyne Falls Medical Needs Fund

Boyne Falls Polish Festival Memorial Scholarship Fund

Boyne Falls Scholarship Endowment

Boyne Valley Lions Club Scholarship Fund

Brookside Cemetery Improvement Fund

Bruce M. and Barbara G. MacArthur Fund

Bruce & Joyce Herbert Fund

Buck & Shirley Golovich Scholarship Fund

Burt & Sharon Moeke Family Fund



C & S Porter Fund

Camp Daggett Fund

Canine Project Fund

Casey & Mark Newville Memorial Fund

Challenge Mountain Fund

Challenge Mountain Spirit Day Camp Fund

Char-Em United Way Fund

Charlevoix Alano Club Fund

Charlevoix Area Community Pool Endowment Fund

Charlevoix Area Garden Club Endowment Fund

Charlevoix Area Garden Club Fund

Charlevoix Area Humane Society Endowment Fund

Charlevoix Area Humane Society Fund

Charlevoix Area Memorial Cancer Fund

Charlevoix Canopy Fund

Charlevoix County 4-H Endowment Fund

Charlevoix County Farm Bureau Endowment Fund

Charlevoix Development Corporation Fund

Charlevoix Endowment for Student Success

Charlevoix Enrichment Fund

Charlevoix Historical Society Fund

Charlevoix Historical Society Preservation Fund

Charlevoix Public Library Endowment

Charlevoix Public Library Organizational Fund

Charlevoix Rotary Club Fund

Charlevoix Scholarship Endowment

Chicago Club Fund

Chicago Club Fund - Grantmaking

Child & Family Services of NW Michigan Fund

Choice Snyder Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Christy Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund

Chx Co Chapter MARSP Scholarship Fund

City of East Jordan Perpetual Care Fund

City of East Jordan Recreation Endowment Fund

Classic Instruments, Inc. Community Fund

Cliff and Beth Bye Fund for Youth

Colleen Currier-Hart Memorial Endowment

Community Endowment

Cortright Family Community Fund

Crooked Tree Arts Center Cultural Fund

Crooked Tree District Library Endowment Fund

Crooked Tree District Library-Book Fund



Dedoes Family Fund

Diller Family Fund

Drost Fund for the Community



E. Darrell Dinwiddie Memorial Fund

Eary/Conrad Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

East Jordan & Southern Station Band Shell Maintenance Fund

East Jordan Community Auditorium Endowment Fund

East Jordan Community Pool Endowment Fund

East Jordan Endowment for Student Success

East Jordan Enrichment Fund

East Jordan Garden Club Fund

East Jordan Historical Society Endowment Fund

East Jordan Homeless Student Fund

East Jordan Learning Alliance Endowment Fund

East Jordan Public Schools Endowment Fund

East Jordan Rotary Club Scholarship Fund

East Jordan Rotary Opportunity Scholarship Fund

East Jordan Rotary Student Exchange Fund

East Jordan Rotary Vocational Education Scholarship Fund

East Jordan Scholarship Endowment

Edna Brown Nursing Scholarship Fund

Edward B. and Anne C. Leverich Fund for the Community

Effie Hancock Smith Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Griffin Herman Scholarship Fund

Ellsworth Community Scholarship Funds

Ethel Coeling Environmental Fund

Ethel W. Coeling Fund

Eugene B. Renkiewicz Memorial Fund



F. Bruce Malpass Memorial Scholarship Fund

Father Bill McKeon Memorial Fund

Fisher-Cummings Family Fund

Forest View Community Fund

Fr. Pierre Charlevoix Knights of Columbus-Council 7172 Endowment Fund

Frank J. & Betty J. Strehl Fund for the Community

Fred and Barbara Malpass Family Fund



Good Samaritan Family Services Fund

Grandvue Endowment Fund

Grandvue Terrace and Parks Building and Maintenance Fund



Hanna Family Fund

Hansen Family Fund

Harbor Industries, Inc. Fund

Harry and Phoebe Watson Fund for East Jordan

Health Fund

Helen Hoffman Collar Memorial Fund for the Beaver Island Historical Society

Hestia Women's Giving Circle Fund

Hospice of Northwest Michigan Fund

Housing Solutions Fund

Howard Haselschwardt Memorial Fund

Hulsman Family Fund



I.O.O.F. Vocational Education Scholarship Fund

IMI Community Endowment Fund

Industrial Development Fund/East Jordan



Jack & Danielle Poindexter Family Fund

Jack Laucher Outdoor Education Fund

James & Sharon White Family Fund

James and Evelyn Howell LTC Education Fund

Jeff & Anne Miller Fund

Jelinek Northstar Fund

Jeremy and Nicholas Bingham Memorial Scholarship Fund

Joan R. & Charles M. Taylor, II Endowment-Christ Episcopal Church of Charlevoix Fund

Joan R. & Charles M. Taylor, II Memorial Endowment-Grandvue Medical Care Facility Fund

Joe Schwem Memorial Scholarship Fund

John & Barbara Polinski Memorial Fund

John & Barbara Polinski Rotary Fund

John & Sue Dixon Fund

John and Laurene Adams Fund for Beaver Island

John B. Smith "Strive" Fund

John D. Juracko Scholarship Fund

Joppa House Funds

Jordan River Arts Council Building Fund

Jordan River Arts Council Fund

Jordan Valley District Library Fund

Jordan Valley EMS Authority Endowment Fund

Justin Conklin Memorial Fund



Keane Family Fund

Keep Charlevoix Beautiful Funds

Kenneth & Ina Slough Memorial Fund

Kenneth Diller Memorial Fund

Kenneth Diller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kindness Endowment

Kristen Cleary Memorial Scholarship Fund



Lake Charlevoix Protection Fund

Lake Charlevoix Watershed Fund

Larry R. Gee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Laura Hansen Fund for the Community

Laurie Howell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Leadership Charlevoix County Funds

Leatha Larsen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lee & Tokoly Charitable Educational Fund

Leszek Wasylewski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Louanne and Cristy Davis Family Fund

Luke Pace Memorial Music Fund

Luther and Mary Kurtz Fund

Lynne and Mason Rosenthal Family Funds



M.J. Costa Funds

Marge Ferguson Mayville Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marina LaBlance Music Education Fund

Marion Gardner Brooks Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mark Clute Mapping Technologies Scholarship Fund

Mark R. Yager Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marvin & Alberta Beyers Fund

Mary Glenna Malpass Mission Fund

Matt and Katie McLeod Family Fund

Maura Brandi MSU Internship Funds

McLeod-Lory Charitable Fund

Mental Health Fund

Miss East Jordan Scholarship Pageant Fund

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Endowment Fund

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Nursing Scholarship Fund

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Staff Education Fund

Muriel and Bill Zoulek Memorial Scholarship Fund



Nancy & Jeffrey Porter Family Fund

Norm and Genevieve Bartlett Scholarship Fund

North Central Michigan College Link to Learning Funds

Northern Community Mediation Funds

Northern Michigan Cross Country/Track Athletes Support Fund

Northwest Michigan Food for Humanity Fund

Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity Fund



Owen Welsh Fund for Health



Peak Street Fund

Peggy Carey Northway Nursing Scholarship Fund

Perry Irish Hodgson Charitable Funds

Pete Spieles Cross Country Scholarship Fund

Phyllis Malpass Critical Needs Fund

PL Fund

Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan, Inc.

Polakowski Family Funds

Postle Farm Preserve Fund

Pursel Family Funds



R. Loren and Kay Hughes Scholarship Fund

Raven Hill Discovery Center Fund

Ray Kipke Athletic Scholarship Fund

Rayder Endrichment Foundation Funds for Charlevoix Schools

Robert and L. Georgine Craig Scholarship Fund

Robert G. Tambellini Administrative Endowment Fund

Robert and Beverly Walker Fund for East Jordan

Robin Coon Scholarship Fund

Ronald W. Haggard Memorial Fund

Rotary Club of Charlevoix-Public Schools Auditorium Endowment Fund

Ruth Schofield McKinney Memorial Fund

Rylie Memorial Animal Care Fund



Sam & Cass Williamson Fund

Serendipity Fund

Shawn McCraney Pay it Forward Scholarship Fund

Sheila Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shepard Family Scholarship Fund

Sherman Family Fund

Steve and Anne Hansen Family Fund

Stowe Family Fund

SUN Fund



Tad & Brenda Malpass Family Fund

Ted & Nancy Sherman Scholarship Fund

Teddy Jeffery Memorial Scholarship Fund

Teddy Slough Memorial Music Scholarship Fund

Terry Blissett Endowment for Student Success

The Charlevoix Club Fund

The Gotcha! Fund

The Summer Fund

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Fund

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council-Charles Minor Taylor III Memorial Endowment Fund

Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association Fund (TOMMBA)

Towsley Fund for Health

Towsley Fund for Youth

Trustees Fund for the Community

Tunison-Garlock Fund for the Environment

Tunison-Garlock Fund for Youth



U. S. Marine Corps League-No. MI. Detachment Scholarship Fund

Urgent Needs Fund



Veterans Assistance Fund

Victor & Pauline Garmyn Memorial Fund



Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy Fund

Walter & Norma Thorsen Memorial Scholarship Fund

William E. & Mary S. Malpass Fund

Williamson Family Fund for the Community

Wisser-Saworski Endowment for the Arts

Wojan Family Fund for the Community

Women's Resource Center Fund

Works Family Fund

W-S Wanderlust Fund



Youth Fund



Zonta Club of Charlevoix Area Fund