Scholarships and Student Success Funds


scholarship funds: greater impact for graduates with Collaborative Geographic Awards

We know that students who attain valuable post-secondary credentials beyond high school, including professional or technical certificates and academic degrees, typically have better outcomes as adults and citizens. The Community Foundation's Scholarship Program supports local students aiming for a brighter future by working with local high schools and committees of knowledgeable reviewers to provide meaningful financial support over multiple years to help students complete post-secondary credential and degree programs.

The Community Foundation is working to provide graduates with larger, renewable awards by offering donors more choices. Gifts of all sizes can make a difference for local students by supporting Scholarship Endowments established for each of the community high schools in Charlevoix County. For donors that would like to name a Scholarship Endowment that will provide resources for students graduating from a specific local high school, a fund can be established for a minimum of $10,000.  Larger awards will be possible for our graduates when these funds make awards collaboratively - in other words, several funds dedicated to supporting a student will combine available award dollars for a single award.  Existing funds can also be modified to work collaboratively with other funds serving a geographic area. 

The following Scholarship Endowments have been established by the Community Foundation to benefit area students and accept gifts of all sizes: 

Beaver Island Scholarship Endowment
Boyne Falls Scholarship Endowment
Boyne City Scholarship Endowment
Charlevoix Scholarship Endowment
East Jordan Scholarship Endowment


For more information about Scholarship Endowments and/or how to start one, contact Sara Ward by email or phone 
at 231-536-2440. 

To contribute to a Scholarship Endowment today, click here

For a full list of scholarships currently offered and more information about how to apply, click the links provided. 



Endowments for STudent Success: making a difference for more students, sooner

Endowments for Student Success can be enriched or established to support students by removing barriers to learning, providing enrichment opportunities, and encouraging students to become successful community citizens. 

In communities across Charlevoix County, schools provide students with a nurturing place for learning and growing. In addition to engaging activities, challenging concepts, and valuable extra-curricular experiences, schools are increasingly providing for food and clothing or support navigating post-secondary career paths. With dedicated school personnel as our partners, the Community Foundation can help donors remove barriers to learning as well as increase opportunities for students to achieve.

The Community Foundation partners with school leaders to offer strategic support to make a difference where tax support can't. Our staff is in regular contact with pre-K through 12 educators who understand issues families, students, and schools are facing today. By gathering superintendents together annually, Community Foundation staff can learn from these leaders and the leaders themselves can benefit from building peer relationships. Grant funds provided once per year must be used intentionally and the Community Foundation requires accountability for use of those funds. School partners are also given the flexibility to put the dollars to best use as needs change over time.

Donors of all sizes can make a difference for local students by supporting Endowments for Student Success established for each school district in Charlevoix County. For a minimum of $10,000, a donor can establish a named Endowment for Student Success that will provide resources annually to an area school district.

The following Endowments for Student Success have been established by the Community Foundation to benefit area students and accept gifts of all sizes:

Beaver Island Endowment for Student Success
Boyne Falls Endowment for Student Success
Boyne City Endowment for Student Success
Charlevoix Endowment for Student Success
East Jordan Endowment for Student Success


For more information about Endowments for Student Success and/or how to start one, contact Sara Ward by email or by phone at 231-536-2440.

To contribute to an Endowment for Student Success today, click here.