Why Give?


Your friends and neighbors have chosen to give to the Community Foundation to benefit this area they love.  Below are a few reasons that giving through the Community Foundation is smart, sensible, and effective.


A gift to the community foundation  is:



Your gift becomes part of a permanent endowment, where it will continue to address charitable needs for generations to come.


Your gift can be an expression of the things you care about--and, by establishing a fund, you can create a personal legacy in your own name.


You can support a number of charitable interests and nonprofit organizations through a single gift.


The Community Foundation is set up to make giving easy--even for those with complex finances and charitable objectives. You can make a gift at a time and in a manner that suits you best, using cash, appreciated stock, real estate, or other assets.


Gifts to the Community Foundation are fully deductible as charitable gifts for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes. Certain types of planned gifts can reduce or eliminate present or future exposure to taxation, can qualify wholly or partially for charitable tax deductions, and can provide lifetime income to the donors or others.


Because your gift joins with others, it can accomplish more and make the greatest impact. The Community Foundation works closely with our area's nonprofit organizations, schools, government officials, and civic leaders to understand local needs -- so we can apply grant dollars where they do the most good.


You can be certain your gift will be carefully managed and wisely invested by a publicly accountable, ethical, local organization with an excellent record of stewardship.


You can direct that your gift be used for certain causes, or to support specific organizations -- or leave the purpose open-ended so that it can be applied to the most urgent needs and changing priorities.


All of our funds are used in the public interest and -- unless otherwise directed by a donor -- applied to local charitable needs. The Community Foundation has one of the lowest expense-to-asset ratios among philanthropic organizations: less than 2% of our assets are used to cover administrative and management expenses. An independent, professional audit is completed annually, all our grants are publicly disclosed, and our records are open to public review.


The donor's charitable intent will always be honored.  Contributions will be applied for the purpose indicated by the donor.  In the case of a donor who establishes a fund, the Community Foundation is set up to ensure that the fund will continue to be used in a manner that meets donor interests as well as the needs of the community over time.