List of Recent Grants and Scholarships

When you give to Community Grantmaking Funds, you are providing for current and future projects happening right here at home.  With grant cycles each spring and fall, nonprofit partners, schools, and individual communities working in Charlevoix County have the opportunity to seek support for worthwhile places, programs, and projects.

For a complete list of grants, and additional information about each grant, click on the links below.


March 2019 Grant Awards

March 2019 Grant Summaries


October 2018 Grant Awards

October 2018 Grant Summaries


March 2018 Grant Awards

March 2018 Grant Summaries


Charlevoix County students planning to enter trade schools and collegiate programs this fall are feeling the support of the community as the Charlevoix County Community Foundation recently awarded more than $221,833 in scholarships to help support their postsecondary educational endeavors.  In total, 130 scholarships were awarded to area graduates from special funds held by the Community Foundation. 

2019 Scholarship Awards