March 2017 Grant Awards

Beaver Island Community Development Corporation - to expand the Raised Bed Gardens at Forest View
Grant Award: $1,399.00

The existing garden beds at Forest View were made up of recycled materials and have outlived their second life. This proposal would install three raised, but narrower garden beds that will be more accessible for residents in wheel chairs, include deer fencing and a gate, so the garden would not become lunch for woodland creatures.


Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association - to purchase moving equipment for a concert grand piano
Grant Award: $8,019.00

BICAA purchased a 1916 Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano in Dec of 2016. Grand pianos are extremely heavy, delicate instruments, require specialized storage & moving accessories as they are easily damaged when moved. Due to the fact that BICAA holds events in multiple locations all over the island, the specialized piano moving equipment will be used repeatedly to support performances.


Beaver Island EMS - to purchase equipment for the EMS Rapid Response Vehicle
Grant Award: $2,600.00

The BI EMS will purchase a new Rapid Response Vehicle, mainly with funds from the GTB Tribe. This request will outfit the vehicle with the required lights and radio communication that align with Charlevoix Central Dispatch and warning equipment as required by the State of Michigan.


Beaver Island Music Festival Inc. - to host the first BI Eco-Fair, celebrating nature & sustainability
Grant Award: $2,000.00

The first annual BI Eco-Fair is a 2-day event to be held June 24th and 25th at the BI Music Festival campground. The focus is on promoting solutions in ecology, renewable energy and local food systems. Local and regional green vendors, sustainable technology, arts, music, farm to table foods, farm to school programs, environmental action & education organizations will be showcased. A core component of the Eco-Fair is new partnerships with regional leaders and organizations focused on Northwest Michigan sustainability.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW Mi - for the school-based mentoring program at Charlevoix Elementary
Grant Award: $2,400.00

The Big Brothers Big Sisters agency would like to expand its mentor-based program to Charlevoix Elementary students. With this tested & supervised program, a minimum of 10 at-risk, low-performance children would be matched with an adult mentor to meet with them in school one hour per week. The focus of each mentor will be to build a supportive relationship with the child to help them become academically, socially, and emotionally successful.


Boyne Valley Pantry - to purchase food for the pantry from the Manna Project
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Boyne Valley Pantry has been operational since 2009. The free food provided is meant to supplement the diet of each client for a week, to ease the financial burden of buying food so that that their money can be used for other necessities. Any grant award will be spent at Manna to maximize buying power for the pantry.


Boyne Valley Township - for a vault toilet restroom at Dam Road Park
Grant Award: $5,000.00

The purpose of this grant is to purchase materials and construct restroom facilities at the Boyne Valley Township-owned Dam Road Park. The recent award of MDOT & DNR grants to construct the non-motorized trail from Boyne City to the Village of Boyne Falls has advanced the urgency to provide the facility. The area is already a recreation mecca for fishing enthusiasts who line the Boyne River and birdwatchers as well.


Camp Daggett - to upgrade and install a new dry fire hydrant at Camp Daggett
Grant Award: $6,000.00

In a recent fire inspection of Camp Daggett, it was discovered that the dry hydrant installed in 1990 is no longer viable. This project would replace and upgrade the dry hydrant, providing immediate fire protection to any major fire at camp. The dry hydrant will draw water from Walloon Lake, rather than water from tanker trucks.


Challenge Mountain - to purchase a multi-purpose truck
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Challenge Mountain needs to replace the old truck they purchased in 2004. It has been repaired so many times it is not worthy of additional investment. The multi-purpose truck will be used for hauling adaptive recreational equipment, snowplowing, and grounds maintenance. The estimated cost for a new truck is approximately $34,000, plus the cost of a new plow ($6,000) for a total of $40,000.


Charlevoix Area Humane Society - to purchase an industrial grade washing machine
Grant Award: $5,500.00

The industrial washing machine currently in use is past its "life expectancy" and repairs and service are no longer cost-efficient. The demand for laundry usage at the shelter requires an industrial, professional grade machine as it is operational as much as ten hours a day.


Charlevoix Circle of Arts - for marketing materials to promote membership and programming
Grant Award: $3,301.00

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts wants to improve several marketing pieces. This grant will enable them to hire a consultant to produce several marketing pieces, including: 1) A membership brochure; 2) A series of four newsletters so that patrons can get info on upcoming events and programs; and 3) An annual report.

Charlevoix County - for the Boyne City to Charlevoix Non-motorized Trail - Phase 3
Grant Award: $8,000.00

Charlevoix County is seeking funding assistance for Phase 3 of the BC to Cvx Nonmotorized Trail, to be constructed in 2019. It is 2.83 miles long, beginning at N Springwater Beach Road and continuing to Pincherry Road. As a separate project, the County will develop a trailhead at Park of the Pines, just north of Springwater Beach Road.


Child and Family Services of NW Mi - for youth outreach, as well as crisis & suicide prevention services
Grant Award: $5,090

CFS is requesting support for their 24/7 crisis intervention & suicide prevention services that serve people of all ages, including youth. Individuals receive crisis intervention, information and referral services, and intake to CFS’ Youth Services program. This grant will also increase outreach to schools, community centers, and places where youth congregate to ensure that all youth are aware of these vital, sometimes life-saving services.


City of East Jordan - to purchase an ATV Rescue/Fire Support Vehicle
Grant Award: $8,000.00

The City of EJ Fire Department wishes to purchase an ATV Rescue/Fire Support Vehicle (Side by Side). It will be outfitted and utilized as a grass fire and special rescue support unit. This vehicle is needed to help with fire suppression, rescue personnel or transport personnel to and from a scene. To borrow a vehicle from other agencies may require a delay in response time, when every minute counts.


Conservation Resource Alliance - to replace the Cokirs Creek Crossing at the Chestonia Bridge
Grant Award: $20,000.00

As a result of many years of planning, CRA will replace the Old State Road (Chestonia Bridge) this year. The public hearing process revealed a need for a new recreational access site to be developed to replace the unauthorized site at the existing crossing. An existing crossing over Cokirs Creek must also be replaced to provide access to the new recreation area. Cost savings will result if all this work can be accomplished at the same time that the new bridge construction occurs.


Create: Community Arts Studio - for an Artist-in-Residence studio program
Grant Award: $5,000.00

The Artists In Residence (A.I.R.) program at Create is an intensive day program that will be offered to emerging High School artists. Applicants will apply and be selected by the Portfolio Review Committee. The program offers four month residencies during the Fall and Spring semesters. Recipients will be awarded studio space, stipends for art materials and transportation, and the opportunity to exhibit work in Gallery 151.


East Jordan Public Schools - for equipment for the Radio Controlled "RC" after-school club.
Grant Award: $1,147.00

EJPS would like to start a Radio Controlled "RC" Club so that students who are involved in pre-engineering classes at the Middle/High School can design and fabricate remote controlled boats by participating in an after school club. The equipment purchased can be re-used by future groups of students.


Exceptional Riders Program - for scholarships for horseback riding to benefit children with disabilities
Grant Award: $2,800.00

The Exceptional Riders Program is seeking scholarships to help cover tuition costs for riding lessons for ten (10) children with disabilities. The one hour sessions are held in the Spring and Fall for eight weeks. Up to twelve students ride per evening.


Good Samaritan Family Services - to purchase shoes and boots for children in need
Grant Award: $6,000.00

Sammy’s Shoes is a program of Good Samaritan. The purpose is to provide eligible children with a new pair of sneaker-type shoes and boots for the year. The project is to replenish Sammy’s Shoes inventory with good quality shoes and boots for the next year for Charlevoix County children.


Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra - to support a classical music performance at the Castle
Grant Award: $2,000.00

GLCO is seeking funds to support a 2017 Sunday Series Recital Concert at Castle Farms. This November Sunday Series recital will feature The Three Sopranos, along with a special pianist and instrumentalists.


Health Department of NW Mi – for parents w/young children w/mental and/or behavioral health issues
Grant Award: $4,000.00

The "Parent Support Partner Program" allows families with children that are not yet in the school system to seek help for their children with mental and/or behavioral health issues. The program is to help families connect w/services, to establish partnerships with medical care providers, to facilitate parent/caregiver support groups, and to arrange one-to-one caregiver connections. It serves as temporary support, aims to link families to existing community resources, and is available to families regardless of income or insurance status.


Hospice of NW Mi - to hire a consultant to facilitate organizational capacity building
Grant Award: $4,600.00

Hospice of NW MI is looking to strengthen the organization through a capacity building grant. They will hire a consultant to work on Board & Volunteer recruitment, succession planning, & governance training. The board is comprised of members who are all quite new to the organizaton (the last 3 years) and this work will enhance the operations of the organization well into the future.


McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation - for the Patient Assistance Program
Grant Award: $3,000.00

The Patient Assistance Program provides last resort financial assistance to low income patients for medical supplies, minor medical equipment, medications, and travel expenses related to their health care issues. The Program targets “nonā€reimbursable” expenses.The gravity of these situations goes beyond worry-many times, patients are making a choice between buying groceries, or buying their medications. In 2016, Charlevoix County residents received assistance on 57 separate occasions.

MM Nonprofit Housing corporation - to purchase screen doors at Meredith Manor
Grant Award: $2,222.00

Meredith Manor of East Jordan, a senior residential apartment building, is requesting grant dollars to buy 11 solid vinyl, white screen doors with locks. Ten will be installed on senior apartments that have individual doors leading directly outside and the 11th will go on the gathering room porch door (communal living space). Home Depot will provide installation free of charge.


Mother's Keepers - to train volunteers to support mothers w/infants
Grant Award: $2,500.00

The Mothers Keepers program of women-to-women care is designed to provide a helping hand to new mothers with infants. Five additional volunteers will be recruited & trained and/or retained in Charlevoix County. The volunteers will become certified in CPR & First Aid, continue with ongoing monthly training, learn about other local resources for the families and to continue to support the needs of the mother.

Northern Michigan Equine Therapy - for scholarships for disabled children
Grant Award: $6,500.00

Clients will work with a horse to receive therapy needed to strengthen muscles, increase balance and interpersonal communication skills for daily living. This is an alternative to hospital or outpatient physical therapy. Funding will continue to support clients, as well as those just beginning their rehab pathway.

Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity - to build the foundation for a home in Boyne City
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Habitat for Humanity hopes to raise funds to build the foundation for a home for a homeless family in Boyne City. The homeowners are required to provide sweat equity in the project. Dollars will be solicited from community organizations, and a volunteer work force will be enlisted to accomplish the construction of this home.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan - for a sexual health program to serve at-risk adults
Grant Award: $8,000.00

The Sexual Health Outreach and Prevention Project will help PPMI continue serving over 800 at-risk community members ages 18 to 44 who are low-income and or uninsured. The program includes prevention of STIs, cervical cancer, skin cancer, and unintended pregnancy as well as how and where to access health care services. This will be accomplished by participating in targeted community events, marketing through the "Chat-Text" online service and attending events to promote PP services.

The Depot - Jordan Valley Teen Center - for technology and other equipment
Grant Award: $5,000.00

The Depot, a teen center located in the EJ Civic Center, would like a grant to match organizational funds to purchase the following equipment: a Video Security System with an additional monitor; Six mobile TV stands with an adjustable shelf and flat TV mounting brackets; Six flat screen TVs; Twelve board games of various types: Four computer systems (including monitors and Office 2016); Four Herman Miller used office cubicles; and a PA Sound System with microphones, speakers, cables and miscelleneous accessories.

The Manna Food Project - for the "Produce for People" program
Grant Award: $6,000.00

Fresh produce is a challenge for a food distributor like Manna. They “rescue” nearly 600,000 pounds of food each year, but there are quality challenges. “Produce for People” will insure that “fresh” produce with a longer shelf life is available throughout the year for pantry distribution. There will be an education component, with handouts on preparing and storing fresh produce, distribution of recipes offering cooking classes, and crockpots for participants to take home.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council - for the Line 5 Pipeline public engagement program
Grant Award: $5,466.00

The goal of this project is to provide effective public involvement in the State of Michigan’s decision-making process regarding the Enbridge Line 5 Oil Pipeline, lying beneath the Straits of Mackinaw. A State of Michigan Advisory Board was formed and charged with conducting an analysis of the oil pipeline. The findings will be released in June of 2017. TOMWC has developed a program to inform citizens and interested environmental organizations by hosting a series of public meetings to disburse the findings and prepare organized public comments, as constructive citizen feedback to the State is critical.