October 2016 Grant Awards

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association - to purchase orchestral risers for use during performances

Grant Award: $7,500.00

The BICAA has moved its festival performances to the school gym.  However, everyone is seated at the same level. Acquisition of orchestra risers is the topic of this request, to improve the experience for patrons and the orchestra.


Blue Plate Project - to provide Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to families in need

Grant Award: $1,000.00

The Blue Plate Project grows food to award gift CSA shares to families in need. The Health Department refers the recipients. This grant proposal would buy 3 CSA shares for the next growing season.


Camp Daggett - to initiate a complete recycling program for summer camp

Grant Award: $1,318.00

With the grant proposal, Camp Daggett will initiate a complete recycling program for summer camp.  They will purchase a trailer and containers for collecting and taking food waste to a farm on Stolt Road.  Food waste stations will be created in both the dining hall and the kitchen.


Camp Quality Michigan - for programming to support families experiencing childhood cancer

Grant Award: $2,000.00

CQ seeks to provide a medically supervised camp experience for children diagnosed with cancer. It also includes several family events throughout the year to allow the families to connect and for the children to feel like children again. This grant would support one of the three Charlevoix County families signed up for 2017.


Challenge Mountainto continue implementation of the marketing plan

Grant Award: $4,500.00

This is a request by Challenge Mountain to continue to implement their marketing plan. This grant request includes: professional photography, brochure development, newsletter & annual report design, and design of ten different display posters to effectively communicate their mission.


Charlevoix Area Community Pool - to continue with the pool renovations & construction

Grant Award: $14,137.00

CACP is seeking grant assistance to continue with the next phase of construction, including: new men's and women's locker rooms; accessible family rooms; a multi-purpose room; improved staff work areas; a new air handling system, and repair of exterior walls surrounding the pool deck.


Charlevoix Area Community Pool - for the fifth grade water safety/ learn to swim program

Grant Award: $3,734.00

This program is targeted to benefit youth by teaching them how to swim and be safe in the water.  It is available for 5th grade students enrolled in several of the Charlevoix County area school systems.  It provides an equal opportunity for students to participate in a training they may not normally be able to afford.


Charlevoix Circle of Arts - for an updated computer system

Grant Award: $2,300.00

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts needs technology upgrades in these areas: mass mailings, inventory, website, and modernizing the point of sale system.  This grant centers on these areas to improve efficiency.


Charlevoix County 4-H Council - for scholarships for low income families

Grant Award: $5,000.00

Charlevoix County 4-H is requesting scholarship money for low income students to participate in recreational programs that they might not otherwise be able to afford such as soccer, swim school, shooting sports, tennis, and sailing school, to name a few.  This would also provide opportunities for a unique college visit.


Charlevoix Historical Society - for a projector, table, and chairs for programs at the Depot

Grant Award: $2,150.00

With this grant request, the Charlevoix Historical Society will purchase a new projector,  tables and chairs for the Depot, which is now open to rent for private parties as well as CHS programs/events.


Charlevoix Montessori Academy of the Arts - for a literacy program for K-12

Grant Award: $1,500.00

Grant dollars would be used to fund a literacy program for K-12 for the Montessori Academy o/t Arts. The purchases they seek will assess the students beginning grade level, and provide resources to bring them up to the appropriate reading grade level.


City of Charlevoix - to provide student scholarships to summer & winter programs at Mt. McSauba

Grant Award: $1,500.00

The request is for $1,500 to provide scholarships to students in need of financial help to access summer  & winter recreation programs offered by the City of Charlevoix.


City of East Jordan - for a 5-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Grant Award: $7,889.00

The City of East Jordan will hire a consultant to write a Parks and Recreation Plan to outline projects to be implemented over 5 years.  The planning process includes many opportunities for public input. The finished plan will be available on the City's website.


East Jordan Care & Share Programfor Christmas food baskets

Grant Award: $2,400.00

Care & Share is once again asking for help with funding Christmas holiday food baskets. The need for 135 baskets is anticipated, based on families served monthly, as well as Christmas baskets delivered in the past.  The cost per basket is estimated at $35-$37 each.


East Jordan Care & Share Program - to renovate the new building space for the pantry

Grant Award: $6,172.00

Crossroads Resale Shop is moving to the former VFW Hall on M-32. Care & Share Food Pantry will join them. C $ S is asking for help to renovate the building to fit their needs by: upgrading electrical service, erecting walls, installing doors and a window, and building benches and platforms for food storage.


East Jordan Ministerial Association - for home heating, utility, rent and other assistance

Grant Award: $5,000.00

EJ Ministerial Association helps area residents who cannot pay for basic living expenses, such as: home heat, electric/water/sewer bills, rent, auto fuel, medical bills, and related costs. This grant will help to cover those costs.


East Jordan Public Schools - for the STEM Project Based-Learning Grant

Grant Award: $16,179.00

This project by EJPS will teach all 5th graders and MS robotics members STEM and prepare all students for technical careers. Teams will be formed to build, test, and modify robots. Parents will be able to watch the competitions. They will collaborate with the DNR office to build an ROV for "real world" tasks.


East Jordan Public Schools - for the First Aid tent grant

Grant Award: $696.00

EJPS is requesting support for a First Aid tent for all outdoor activities.  Students and spectators would know exactly where to go to receive medical attention.  It would be signed and out-of-the weather for convenience.


East Jordan Public Schools - for equipment to increase School Bus Safety

Grant Award: $1,800.00

EJPS would like to increase bus safety for staff and students with the purchase of one digital video surveillance system and high-visibility jackets for all eleven bus drivers. This grant would facilitate those purchases.


East Jordan Public Schools - to increase leadership opportunities for the MS/HS students

Grant Award: $4,271.00

EJPS is proposing this grant to purchase a leadership curriculum and  take students to a leadership conference held in Frankenmuth, MI. The program utilizes a set of 10 lesson plans to teach each of the 18 character trait modules.


Good Neighbors Food Pantry of Boyne City - to provide food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas

Grant Award: $500.00

A new grantee this year is the Good Neighbors Food Pantry of BC.  They would like help funding holiday baskets. In 2015, at Thanksgiving, 67 families (190 people) and at Christmas 52 families (103 people) were provided food boxes. It is anticipated that the numbers will increase this year.


Good Samaritan Family Services - for an attached building expansion

Grant Award: $5,016

GSFS is proposing a new, attached 28' X 52' building to expand services for the Moms and Tots and His House programs. They will partner once again with the CHS Building Trades for the labor, and this proposal will help raise the funds for the building materials.


Good Samaritan Family Services - for heat, rent and utility payment assistance for winter 2016-2017

Grant Award: $7,500.00

GSFS is asking for grant monies to continue to administer assistance for emergency heating fuel, rent, and utility payments for struggling Charlevoix County families. A portion ($500) of the funding will be used to pay a staff person to assist clients with applications to other funders.


Grandvue Medical Care Facility - for continuation of the Terrace and Recreation Park Plan

Grant Award: $8,500.00

Grandvue successfully raised $171,174 for Phase I - the greenhouse of the Parks & Terrace project. Projected cost for the remainder of the project is $567,227.  This grant will help Grandvue achieve this fundraising goal.


Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra - for Year 3 of an organizational capacity building grant

Grant Award: $4,000.00

The GLO seeks funding for Year 3 of an ongoing strategy for increasing organizational capacity and sustainability.  Other partners include the Frey Foundation & PHSACF. The goal is to raise enough revenue to be able to provide two staff people to sustain the desired programming for the organization..


Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities - to expand the Farm to School program

Grant Award: $5,728.00

Groundwork is seeking to expand their food and farming program into Charlevoix County. This project will launch two specific initiatives: 1) Integrate a comprehensive Farm to School program into the Boyne Falls school district, and 2) Improve all Charlevoix County school food service programs' ability to purchase more healthy, local, and fresh, fruits and vegetables.


Hospice of Northwest Michigan - to expand the Outreach & Education Programs

Grant Award: $5,000.00

Hospice of NW MI is expanding its outreach and education program through a more enhanced and regular community presence. They desire to be accessible to everyone in need of professional Hospice services (free of charge) in the community.


Jordan Valley EMS Authority - to purchase 4 laptop computers for use in ambulances

Grant Award: $3,400.00

The Jordan Valley EMS Authority seeks funds to purchase 1 laptop for each of 4 ambulances. This will allow crew members to document patient care as it happens.


Little Traverse Conservancy - to fund trail and bridge improvements at the Susan Creek Preserve

Grant Award: $4,000.00

The LTC is seeking a grant to improve the trail system at the Susan Creek/Taimi Hoag Preserve by adding a new section of boardwalk, signage, and widening a bridge. This project is in partnership with the Little Traverse Bay Band.


McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation -for subscriptions to the Telehealth Program

Grant Award: $1,500.00

The Telehealth Program improves outcomes for heart patients and reduces readmitted cases to the hospital. Cardiac patient use a monitor to transmit health data from their phone to the Telehealth Nursing Team.  The grant will pay the $90 monthly unit fee for a minimum of 27 Charlevoix County residents for up to 3 months.


Northern Family Intervention Services - Building Outreach & Fund Development Capacity

Grant Award: $3,000.00

NFIS is asking support for designing and printing a promotional brochure and the salary of a position which will allow them to focus on building community outreach and fund development.


Northern Michigan Equine Therapy - for scholarship support for low-income clients

Grant Award: $5,000.00

With this grant, Northern Michigan Equine Therapy is looking for scholarship dollars to help support their current clients with physical and mental disabilities that seek outpatient rehabilitation care using horses, and to support potential new clients that cannot afford the therapy otherwise.


Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity - to purchase an additional tool trailer and tools

Grant Award: $3,425.00

NW MI Habitat is seeking funding for the purchase of an additional 7' x 16' enclosed tool trailer and tools in order to double their capacity to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing in our local community.  The grant will enable the building/repairing of multiple homesites simultaneously.


Planned Parenthood of Michigan - to expand Smart & Healthy Youth programming

Grant Award: $5,000.00

The Smart and Healthy Youth program will reach Charlevoix County students in grades 5–12 at participating schools and is a five-level comprehensive sexuality education program. Planned Parenthood will also hold tabling events to educate students and a parent night in which parents can learn how to best have these hard conversations with their child(ren).


Preservation Association of Beaver Island - for technology for the hearing impaired

Grant Award: $6,000.00

The PABI is requesting this grant to  purchase technology to install a hearing loop system which would increase participation of the hearing impaired at events held at the Beaver Island Community Center.


Raven Hill Discovery Center - for upper elementary students to become inventors

Grant Award: $4,000.00

Raven Hill will work with elementary students to bring the program Patents & Prototypes, a program that uses STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Artistry and Math) to explore inventors. Students will invent a new product using an existing object, be exposed to career skills and jobs, and display their invention.


Ronald McDonald House of W MI - for children seeking medical treatment in Grand Rapids

Grant Award: $5,000.00

The Ronald McDonald House is asking for funding for their Family Support Program for Charlevoix County families. This program provides a caring, supportive environment that families can call home while their child (newborn to 21 years of age) is receiving critical medical or mental health services in the Grand Rapids area.


The Manna Food Project - for the Protein for People project

Grant Award: $6,000.00

Manna's grant request addresses a re-occurring need--the availability of adequate protein in the foods they offer. The need is for 3,300 Charlevoix County individuals including children and seniors, who are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food.  A grant of $6,000 will allow Manna to purchase protein sources to distribute free of charge to families through Manna’s partner agencies.


Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council - to purchase go-pros and laptops for the Watershed Academy

Grant Award: $3,065.00

TOMWC would like to purchase three go-pro cameras and three lap top computers to use in the Charlevoix County schools that are participating in the Watershed Academy Program. This purchase will enhance the learning experience for the students as they track and monitor their watershed and compile data.


Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council - for engineering plans for the Stover Creek dam removal project

Grant Award: $8,011.00

The Stover Creek Watershed Restoration and Management Plan was completed in 2015.  This grant will fund an engineering study to remove the old dam located at Irish Boat Shop near the mouth of Stover Creek. Removal will address negative impacts and greatly enhance the health of the stream as it works its way into Lake Charlevoix.


Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association - for Phase 2 of the Avalanche Destination Trails project

Grant Award: $$17,000.00

TOMMBA continues to work with consultants to expand/retrofit the trail at Avalanche Preserve. Phase 1 is currently under construction and will add approximately 6 miles of trails. Phase 2 is the subject of this grant proposal.  It will finish the project with an additional 4 miles.