Grant Follow Up

Congratulations on receiving a grant from C3F! By signing the grant check, you agreed to several conditions, including providing a public announcement of the grant award, and completing some kind of grant follow up reporting.

All grantees will need to complete at least one short written summary paragraph of their grant in the online grants system, but there are three options for grant follow up. Grant follow up options include:

  • a site visit with C3F staff,
  • a phone or Zoom call with C3F staff, or
  • a full 5-6 question written report to be completed in the online grants system.

We recognize that all grant work isn’t the same and that some grant work may be more appropriate for site visits than others. Grantees received a link in their grant award letter to notify C3F staff of their preference for grant follow up. If you need the link resent or have questions about how to choose a follow up option, contact Ashley Cousens or Megan Havrilla DeHoog.

A follow up report must be completed and returned by the end of the grant period, or when the grant work has been completed, whichever comes first. The grantee is responsible for completing the report form using the online grant software. Log in using your email address and password that you used when you submitted your grant request. If you forgot your password, you can reset it on the login screen.





Grantees are required to inform the community of the grant award. Please use the foundation’s name in its entirety “the Charlevoix County Community Foundation” when referring to the grant.

Grantees may choose one or more of the following methods to share news: in a newsletter or on a website; using photographs; on social media; on all printed materials including posters and brochures; in verbal announcements at events or programs; and/or a press release. When possible please tag us on Facebook in social media posts or provide a link to our webiste.

Grantees must also provide a copy of the method(s) of publicizing the grant with the follow up report. Please contact Ashley Cousens if you would like to use our logo for grant publicity purposes.

The C3F may include information about this grant in public reports, newsletters, donor reports, on the C3F website, or through social media. This includes grantee follow up reports, photographs/videos, logos, and other materials about the grantee organization and this grant.

Please contact Pam Decker at if you need a copy of our logo or sample press release language for your public announcements.