Grant Follow Up

We hope the implementation of your grant was successful.  Now it's time to do the follow up.  By signing the grant check, you agreed to the following conditions:

1)  To provide a Public Announcement of the grant award; and

2)  To submit a Follow Up Report



You are required to inform the community of the grant award.  Please use the Community Foundation's name in it's entirety, the "Charlevoix County Community Foundation", when referring to the grant.

Grantees may choose one or more of the following methods to share news:  in a newsletter or on a website; using photographs and/or videos; on social media; on all printed materials including posters and brochures; in verbal announcements at events or programs; and/or a press release.  Think of crediting the Community Foundation every time the grant is discussed, and you are encouraged to use multiple methods.


Grantees must also provide a copy of the method(s) of publicizing the grant with the final report.  Please contact Program Staff (Ashley Cousens) if you would like to use our logo for grant publicity purposes.


The C3F may include information about this grant in public reports, newsletters, donor reports, on the C3F website, or through social media postings.  This includes grantee final reports, photographs, logos, and other materials about the grantee organization and this grant.