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$54,000 in Youth Needs Grants Awarded

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation responded to requests from nonprofit partners in November. Thanks to donors who look to the Community Foundation to make a difference close to home, grants have been awarded primarily to nonprofits who will focus in the areas of youth mental health and academic stress. In all, over $54,000 was awarded during the Youth Needs grant cycle.

YAC members and their peers are constantly feeling the stresses associated with school, family, and planning for their futures. As a result of feeling these stresses personally and also seeing the stress in their peers, the YAC were eager to use their grantmaking ability to help organizations offering solutions. These needs were also identified in the most recent Youth Needs Assessment that they conducted, a survey that is updated every three years and includes surveying all 8th through 12th graders in Charlevoix County public schools. The YAC has recognized the need for breaking down the stigma associated with asking for help with mental health and the need for better tools for coping with stress.

“This year's grant cycle was our second year in which we focused on grants that address academic stress and mental health, to prioritize the needs that have been brought to our attention by our research,” stated Eden Vrondran, the current YAC President and Boyne City Senior. “I am thrilled to say that the grants we have received were definitely what we were looking for, and I am certain they will make a big impact on the well-being of today's youth.”

Through this cycle, the YAC funded projects like Northern Michigan Equine Therapy’s HorseSense program for direct mental health therapeutic support; the CAPE Council’s 2022 Conference, which will focus on education around youth mental health and academic stress as they relate to Covid-19 for area professionals working with youth; and stem-related tools for the middle school classrooms at Boyne City Public School, to assist with alleviating stress in the classroom. The YAC were also excited about a new social media component and youth voice added to Planned Parenthood’s programming and the supports that the Women’s Resource Center has in place for youth at their Child Advocacy Center, helping to decrease trauma inflicted on children who must report about a traumatic experience.

While the primary focus of this cycle was on the two priority areas, three other grants were also awarded including to the Charlevoix Area Community Pool, President Ford Division DBA Michigan Crossroads Council, and to PoWeR! Book Bags. These grants support swimmer’s safety, mentorship, and early childhood literacy, respectively.

Looking ahead, the YAC are gearing up for their next Youth Needs Assessment, to be conducted in 2022, which will again assess the needs and concerns of Charlevoix County youth. The YAC will analyze and apply those results to their next three years of grantmaking decisions. Meanwhile, they continue engaging in conversations and projects around previously identified topics at the local level and regionally.

Pictured: The YAC Executive Committee, L to R Mailey Hamilton and Jayde Fazio from East Jordan High School, Eden Vrondran from Boyne City High School, and Daniel Powers from Boyne Falls High School at their recent grantmaking meeting in November. 


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In March of 2020, the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. and Michigan. The global health crisis not only caused hardship for those who became ill, but also had major economic impact, including for many Charlevoix County residents. The Community Foundation responded quickly by deploying Urgent Needs grants to organizations who were providing support for Charlevoix County residents who had been disproportionately impacted by the consequences of COVID-19. To date, grants totaling more than $240,000 have been awarded to nonprofit organizations serving Charlevoix County. Click here for a full list of grants

Urgent Needs grants continue to be available to organizations who are helping Charlevoix County residents to access food, shelter, safety, healthcare, and otherwise assist with basic and urgent needs. To learn more about how to apply, click here. To donate to the Urgent Needs fund, click here




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