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March 4, 2020

The Community Foundation launched its new grant cycle schedule in 2020, responding to requests from nonprofit partners in the areas of environment, land use, and recreation in February. Thanks to donors who look to the Community Foundation to make a difference close to home, grants have been awarded to nonprofits who will work on invasive species management, water quality, recreation and access to natural resources and more.

The Friends of the Jordan River will launch an initiative to restore native species in the Jordan River and improve fish habitat. Beaver Island will benefit from a grant to work toward sustainability initiatives on the Island. Broader impact will be felt across the County as water quality studies and educational programming around rising lake levels will be continued by Lake Charlevoix Association and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. Additionally, research will be done by Conservation Resource Alliance to discover better designs for three river crossings in the Jordan River Watershed. Evangeline Township will be getting to work on a trails master plan for the area. Click the links below for a complete list of grants made through this first new Environment and Land Use cycle, as well as recent cycles.

So far, the new 2020 grant cycle schedule is off to a great start with nearly $138,000 in awards made during the first Environment & Land Use cycle. A portion of the grant funds were produced by a fund that is being invested in a socially responsible way. By investing these dollars in environment, social, and governance investments (ESG), the fund will continue to grow, while also supporting and being supported by income from socially responsible companies.

The next grant cycle is called Community Project Support. Applications are now being accepted. This cycle will focus on requests from eligible nonprofit partners for county-wide projects, arts and culture, veterans, urgent needs, health and wellness, and substance abuse projects or programs. Applications are due by Friday, May 1, 2020.  The Community Foundation welcomes inquiries about applying for grants anytime at 231-536-2440.



When you give to Community Grantmaking Funds, you are providing for current and future projects happening right here at home. With grant cycles throughout the year, nonprofit partners, schools, and individual communities working in Charlevoix County have the opportunity to seek support for worthwhile places, programs, and projects.

For a complete list of grant awards, and additional information (summaries) about each grant, click on the links below.


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October 2019 Grant Awards
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March 2019 Grant Awards

March 2019 Grant Summaries





Preserving Beaver Island HIstory

January 16, 2020

In the fall of 2019, the Beaver Island Historical Society began the project of expanding the Mormon Print Shop, which houses their office along with some museum exhibits and a gift shop. The need to expand was fueled by the number of unique artifacts and historical materials that they wanted to display. Beaver Island's history is unique and celebrated by locals and visitors alike. In a recent 9&10 News feature, Beaver Island resident, Angel Welke, said that "history is just as important as the present. This is how we got here. This is how Beaver Island became as unique as it is." 

The new museum space will feature a large rare mural, called Hauling in the Nets, which is currently being restored in Detroit. When the mural returns to the Island, it will be the main feature of the new historical museum's conference room and meeting space. The new museum will also feature exhibits on the natural history of Beaver Island, among other topics. The organization looks forward to showcasing Beaver Island's unique history in the new space. 

The Beaver Island Historical Society was founded in 1957 to collect and share the fascinating history of Beaver Island. A remote island in Lake Michigan, it has witnessed many interesting and unique historical events and has been home to various groups including Native Americans, a Mormon branch known as the Strangites, Irish immigrants, fisherman, lumberjacks, and many more.

The Historical Society currently operates two museums on the island, the Print Shop Museum, and the Marine Museum, as well as two additional historical sites, Heritage Park, and the Protar home. They offer several services to visitors, including genealogical research, copies of archival photos, and a series of historical journals and other books for purchase.  Additionally, they host many events throughout the year to promote the island’s history. For more updates on the construction project and more about the Historical Society, check out their Facebook page

Grant funding over the last two years helped to make this work possible, including an estate gift that longtime Beaver Island visitor and passionate supporter, Henry L. Hill, made through the Community Foundation. Learn more about how to leave a legacy with the Community Foundation. 



October 11, 2019

Construction for an approximately 6.2 mile new non-motorized trail linking Boyne City, Boyne Valley Township, Boyne Mountain Resort and the Village of Boyne Falls formally began with a ground breaking ceremony held Wednesday morning, October 9th, along the route.  According to Boyne City City Manager Michael Cain the construction of the trail reflects the vision, collaboration and perseverance of many that are making the long proposed trail a reality.  Special recognition was given to Boyne City resident and Park and Recreation Board Chairperson Michael Sheehan for his some two decades of effort to get the trail to construction.  Representatives from many of the organizations associated with the project were present for the ground breaking.  Those organizations included: North Country Bike Club, Charlevoix County Community Foundation, Charlevoix County, Boyne Valley Township, Village of Boyne Falls, Boyne Mountain, Frey Foundation, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the City of Boyne City.

Construction for the new non-motorized trail will continue this fall, resume in the spring of 2020 with a scheduled completion date on June 11, 2020  Work on the over 1.77 million dollar trail in being done by J & N Constriction of Gaylord.  OHM of Petoskey designed the project.

When completed, the trail is anticipated to be an economic driver in the region, serving residents and visitors alike.  Through Boyne City, users of the new trail will be able to connect to existing and future phases of the Boyne City/Charlevoix Trail, providing connections to the Wheelway which connects Charlevoix, Petoskey and Harbor Springs.  Future efforts may provide connections to the Traverse City area TART trail system and ultimately the Iron Belle that traverses the entire state of Michigan.

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