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The Community Foundation, through the recent Community Priorities grant cycle, responded to requests from nonprofit partners in the areas of art, history, culture, health, and broad community needs. Thanks to donors who look to the Community Foundation to make a difference close to home, grants have been awarded to nonprofits who will work on bringing art and music to our communities, expanding safe places for children, maintaining healthy environments for people of all ages, bringing more affordable housing options to our communities, and much more.   

In total, nearly $150,000 in grants have been awarded through the 2021 Community Priorities grant cycle. 

Read about the grant awards here.


When you give to Community Grantmaking Funds, you are providing for current and future projects happening right here at home. With grant cycles throughout the year, nonprofit partners, schools, and individual communities working in Charlevoix County have the opportunity to seek support for worthwhile places, programs, and projects.

For a complete list of grant awards, and additional information (summaries) about each grant, click on the links below.

2021 Community Priorities Grant Awards


2021 Environment, Land Use, Recreation Grant Awards


2020 Youth Needs Grant Awards


2020 Geographic Enrichment Grant Awards


In March of 2020, the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. and Michigan. The global health crisis not only caused hardship for those who became ill, but also had major economic impact, including for many Charlevoix County residents. The Community Foundation responded quickly by deploying Urgent Needs grants to organizations who were providing support for Charlevoix County residents who had been disproportionately impacted by the consequences of COVID-19. To date, grants totaling more than $240,000 have been awarded to nonprofit organizations serving Charlevoix County. Click here for a full list of grants

Urgent Needs grants continue to be available to organizations who are helping Charlevoix County residents to access food, shelter, safety, healthcare, and otherwise assist with basic and urgent needs. To learn more about how to apply, click here. To donate to the Urgent Needs fund, click here




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September 23, 2020

Ten years ago, the Community Foundation was part of an effort to provide school nurses across Charlevoix County and recently made a grant to sustain that service for hundreds of local children.  “Healthcare services provided by school nurses are important in our local schools every day, and they are especially important today.  We are so fortunate to be in a position to partner with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan to make these services a reality for the benefit of our students and our school districts,” explains Chip Hansen, president of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. 

A grant for $130,000 from the Community Foundation will help the Health Department provide two full-time school nurses to serve in Boyne City, Boyne Falls, and East Jordan Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year.  Charlevoix Public Schools was able to fill the gap in health support on their own.  Confirmed funding for the current school year will also provide time for the Health Department to engage with the school districts and other potential partners to explore collaborations aimed at sustaining the school nursing program for the longer term. 

Young people see the value in health professionals located in schools. In fact, the Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) led the way, deciding on a $32,000 grant as part of the full commitment. “While a nurse mainly supports physical health, that person is also instrumental in supporting students’ mental health. That might just be a caring conversation or it could be a referral to another type of help,” says Jayde Fazio, a member of the YAC. School leaders agree. “School nurses play important roles in coaching/training office staff, and administration, in how to evaluate and treat health-related situations,” says Pat Little, Boyne City Public Schools superintendent. 

Beyond direct clinical care for students, “nurses work on policy, process, and systems change initiatives that benefit the entire school community,” says Natalie Kasiborski of the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. This role might be especially relevant as the year continues. Schools have been in session – and in person – for a few weeks now, but the situation remains uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If schools close, the nurses will continue to serve as liaisons to the schools and support the COVID response. “Keeping health care providers in our schools for as long as school is in session is so important for our kids, and provides so much support for local educators,” Mr. Hansen said, adding, “and, in the event that remote learning becomes the norm again, the nurses will continue to provide valuable advice and support to kids, families and our school leaders.”


Boyne City Pavilion Project Completed

July 13, 2020

Recently, a group gathered to celebrate the completion of a long-time project in Boyne City. The pavilion in Veterans Park next to City Hall is now finished! The project has been ongoing for several years and the beautiful final product represents the culmination of significant community investments and partnerships over time. 

The new pavilion has been significantly renovated, including the removal of a large fireplace in the center of the space. New garage doors were added all around, so that the space can be closed off in inclement weather or opened up in nice weather. The restrooms were renovated and a commercial kitchen was added. All of these features will help with special events and the space can be reserved through the City of Boyne City. This space will be the year round location for the famed Boyne City Farmer's Market. 

The Community Foundation was proud to play a role in supporting this terrific community project. The pavilion promises to be a versatile resource for Boyne City residents for years to come. 


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