Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Opportunities for Giving for Donor Advisors

The Community Foundation has mobilized resources from the Urgent Needs Fund to respond to the developing COVID-19 crisis that is impacting many friends and neighbors across Charlevoix County. As always, we look to our nonprofit partners to make a difference throughout the community. Organizations that are playing an active role in helping individuals and families during this difficult time are eligible for financial support through the Community Foundation's Urgent Needs Fund. The available funding is limited and will focus on supporting those who are experiencing a loss of income due to COVID-19.  Other related needs of organizations will also be considered because we know our nonprofit partners will be struggling to adapt and continue to meet their missions.   

You have opportunities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis through the Community Foundation: 

  • To join with others in supporting nonprofit partners who are serving those in need over the next weeks and months, please make a contribution to the Urgent Needs Fund or email Sara Ward at with your recommendation to support the Urgent Needs Fund with your donor advised fund.
  • To meet specific needs from local nonprofit partners, use this page to see brief summaries of the requests we receive through the Urgent Needs application.  You can email Sara Ward at to recommend a grant amount for a specific need. I will send out an email with this link each time we add new needs we've heard about from nonprofit partners.
  • To support nonprofit organizations you care about most, you can recommend grants from your donor advised fund by contacting Sara Ward at with the organization name, grant amount, and whether you would like to be named or anonymous.  

We want to be sure that we’re connecting generous folks with causes they care about and facilitating support for those organizations that need it, but we’re also sensitive to over-asking – please don’t feel pressured to respond. Thank you again for your concern for friends, neighbors, and nonprofit organizations feeling financial strain during this difficult time.  We are fortunate to live in such as caring, generous, and resilient community.

                                                                                                                                          From your friends at the Community Foundation