Have You Seen the Charlevoix Area Community Pool Lately!?

This summer the Charlevoix Area Community Pool underwent repairs to the outside and inside of the existing natatorium. This work completed Phase 2 of the project, which included new walls and ceiling; tile work; new storage area for pool equipment; updates to the existing HVAC system; external siding; and lighting.  The third and final phase of work is to be built in two parts in 2018. First, an addition will be constructed to create new and improved men’s and women’s accessible locker rooms. The second step will be to renovate the existing locker room and office areas to accommodate a multipurpose room with views of the Pool, new family changing rooms, and improved staff work spaces and lobby.

To accomplish this work, the Pool has received over 240 donations, including several large contributions from key supporters. This in combination with awarded grants, has helped the Pool raise close to $1 million! The Charlevoix County Community Foundation granted $24,600 for architectural services and construction costs.

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Check out the Charlevoix Historical Society’s Train Depot for Your Next Event

The Charlevoix Historical Society carefully preserves and maintains the historic Train Depot, on Depot Beach in Charlevoix.  The Charlevoix Railroad Station was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pew in June of 1992 on the 100th anniversary of the first train arriving in Charlevoix.  The indoor space looks and feels like the train station and the adjoining gardens welcome guests when the weather is pleasant.  A grant from the Community Foundation helped the Charlevoix Historical Society purchase a new projector, as well as tables and chairs for the Depot.  The tables and chairs make the space great for parties and events.  In fact, the Community Foundation hosted Legacy Society members at the Depot last summer!




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