Mothers Keepers is building the Village

Mothers Keepers is dedicated to providing postpartum support for families with newborn babies, such as help with siblings, meal preparation, light housecleaning, connections to local services, and interaction with caring adults.  In other words, this organization takes care of moms so they can better care for their child or children by providing in-home, non-judgmental support, according to founder and director, Sarah Leist.  A $2,500 grant from the Community Foundation helped this young organization train and retain volunteers so that they can meet the needs of families seeking support.  In the time since the grant was awarded, Mothers Keepers successfully recruited and trained five Charlevoix County volunteers in lifesaving CPR and First Aid.

“What is really striking about the work that Mothers Keepers is doing in our community is building relationships,” says Sarah. “We are bringing people together who might not otherwise have met but could desperately benefit from one another. The scary thing about postpartum depression, anxiety, and other perinatal mood disorders is that it is really difficult to reach out for help -  most don't, which is why we don't hear about it much. So when these families do reach out for help, we are sure to meet them with compassion and non-judgmental support.”

One family became connected with Mothers Keepers through a family member who lived out of town.  “Her mother heard about the work we were doing and called us. She asked us to step in and help this new mom and her family because she couldn't be there herself. This was so profound for us. Building the village that once existed organically with family close by is exactly what this is all about,” shared Sarah.

Grant funding helped Mothers Keepers stretch and grow to better meet the needs of mothers and families in the community.  “I am eternally grateful that the Charlevoix County Community Foundation saw the need in our community for this program. We could not have done it without your support. We appreciate your foresight in recognizing the necessity of this program in our area,” Sarah notes.  “Together, we are making an impact on not only this generation, but the next.”

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