Introducing Your Clients to the Community Foundation

Estate planners, financial consultants, and other professional advisors are often asked to suggest the best vehicle for charitable giving to their clients. The Charlevoix County Community Foundation offers you and your clients several distinct advantages over direct giving to charities.

Our staff works to ensure that a donor's contribution addresses the issues the donor cares about most. By working with the Charlevoix County Community Foundation your client will be able to fulfill their charitable intent while making a lasting difference in the community.

When working with your client there are several options they can consider when giving through the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. Your client can decide the type of funds, ways to give, and even how they wish to become a donor that will best help them to achieve their goals.



We are a local organization established by and for the people of Charlevoix County and have broad knowledge of community issues and needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss any client situation; we would be happy to work with you to explore the most effective giving options for your client. We provide sample documents for various giving options.



A charitable fund with the Charlevoix County Community Foundation is an easy, low-cost alternative to forming and administering a private foundation.


Tax Incentives

We offer the maximum federal and state tax incentives.



We provide many ways to give including outright gifts, remainder gifts, income plan gifts, and tribute and memorial gifts. The community foundation also provides your clients the opportunity to make one gift for the benefit of a variety of causes.


Community Impact

We are deeply involved with the needs in the community and can direct gift dollars to high-impact areas. Since 1992 residents of Charlevoix County have been turning to the community foundation to make their philanthropic giving as effective as possible.



The Charlevoix County Community Foundation standards for investment performance, donor services and grantmaking have been constant. We have been a trustworthy catalyst for charitable giving since 1992.