List of Recent Scholarships

Charlevoix County students planning to enter collegiate programs or career and technical education programs this fall are feeling the support of the community as the Charlevoix County Community Foundation recently awarded $389,150 in scholarships to help support their postsecondary educational endeavors. In total, 79 scholarships were awarded to area graduates from scholarship funds held by the Community Foundation. 


Total New Scholarship Awards                                                     $389,150

July, 2022


Sheila Allen Memorial Scholarship - $2,500
   Margaret Seaver

Norman & Genevieve Bartlett Scholarship - $1,000
   Granger Kitson

Beaver Island 21st Century Kitty McNamara Scholarship - $1,200
Jared Robert

Belvedere Scholarships - $84,000
Thomas Arnold
   Jack Gaffney
   Max Ostrum
   Madelyn Sandison
   John Sauer
   Camryn Turkleson
   Thomas Rudolph

Jeremy and Nicholas Bingham Memorial Scholarship - $1,500
   Anna Richards

Boyne City Collaborative Scholarship - $2,750
Joel Carter

*Supported by the:
Boyne City Scholarship Endowment
Sam and Vera Tokoly Scholarship Endowment

Boyne City Cooperative Scholarship - $850
Anna Richards

Boyne Falls Polish Festival Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
   Kaitlyn Hammerle

Boyne Valley Lions Club Scholarships - $2,000
   Cheyanne Sayles (Ed Bobowski Memorial Scholarship)
   Joel Carter (Clive & Ruby Vollick Scholarship)
   Bobby Hoth 
(Clive & Ruby Vollick Scholarship)

Charlevoix Collaborative Scholarship - $12,000*
   Alexandra Baron

*Supported by the:
  Charlevoix Scholarship Endowment
Charlevoix Development Corporation Fund
Robert and L. Georgine Craig Scholarship Fund
  Elizabeth Griffin Herman Scholarship Fund
  Arthur Taylor Scholarship Fund

Charlevoix County Farm Bureau Scholarship - $1,000
   Joshua Robinson

Kristen Cleary Memorial Scholarships - $2,500
   Paige Pemble

Robin Coon Scholarship - $8,000
   Kaleb Schroeder

Kenneth Diller Memorial Scholarship - $2,500
   Taylor Sheridan

Eary/Conrad Family Memorial Scholarships - $1,000
   Kanden Behling
   Isaak Mooar

East Jordan Collaborative Scholarship - $5,850
Mallory Staley

*Supported by the:
Becky Bos Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Alice Garlock Memorial Scholarship Fund
  Leatha Larsen Memorial Scholarship Fund
  East Jordan Garden Club Scholarship Endowment
  East Jordan Scholarship Endowment
  Marion Brooks Memorial Scholarship Endowment

East Jordan Rotary Club Academic & Leadership Scholarships - $18,800
(Honoring Community Leaders William E. Malpass, Marjorie Smith, William T. Mathews, Howard P. Porter, and Bryce Vance.)
   Thomas Reid
   Anna Richards

East Jordan Rotary Club - Bill Porter Vocational Education Scholarship - $3,000
Winter Murray

East Jordan Rotary Opportunity Scholarships - $76,000
   Zane Aho
   Winter Murray
   Kaleb Schroeder
   Garrett Wilson

East Jordan Rotary Vocational Education Scholarship - $2,000
   Winter Murray

Ellsworth Community Scholarships - $5,300
   Jasmin Adams
   Brayden Steenwyk

Larry Gee Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
   Anna Richards

Christy Gill Memorial Scholarship - $500
   Hannah Ivie

Buck & Shirley Golovich Scholarship - $8,000
Marley Covell

Harbor Industries, Inc. Scholarship - $500
   Ryan Laus

Laurie Howell Memorial Scholarship 
   *Not awarded in 2022.

R. Loren and Kay Hughes Scholarship - $1,000
   Thomas Reid

I.O.O.F. Vocational Education Scholarship - $3,000
   Allison Burns

Teddy Jeffery Memorial Scholarship 
   *Not awarded in 2022

First Sargeant John D. Juracko Scholarship - $1,000
   Kaitlyn Hammerle

Ray Kipke Athletic Scholarship - $1,500
   Caleb Stuck

Frank J. Lamesfield Boyne City Scholarship - $60,000
   Kaden Jewett
   Sydney Veryser

Henry Lee & Elizabeth C. Lee Educational Endowment Scholarships - $16,000
   Ethen Howay
   Sarah Johnson   

F. Bruce Malpass Memorial Scholarship 
   *Not awarded in 2022 

Marine Corps League-No. MI Detachment Scholarship - $1,000
   Garrett Wilson

Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel (MARSP) Scholarships - $2,000
   Kanden Behling
   Isaak Mooar

Marge Ferguson Mayville Scholarship - $2,500
   Mason Malpass

Shawn McCraney Pay It Forward Scholarship - $1,000
   Allison Burns

Miss East Jordan Scholarship Pageant - $10,400
   Grace Beal (Queen)  

   Katey Black (1st Runner Up)
   Mycah Heise (2nd Runner Up)
Skylar Grzebyk (Participant)
   Alainna Sarasin (Participant)
   Gabriella Watros (Participant)

   Granger Kitson (Ambassador)
   Mason Malpass (Ambassador)

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Nursing Scholarship - $1,000
   Katie Kurburski

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Staff Education Scholarship - $1,000
   Katie Kurburski

Casey & Mark Newville Memorial Scholarship - $800
   Aaron Bess

Nursing Collaborative Scholarships - $17,200
   Kassidy Dicus
   Leona Follette
   Sara Recker
   Arielle Vorhees

*Supported by the:
  Bill and Jerry Brady Memorial Scholarship Fund
  Edna Brown Nursing Scholarship Fund
  Peggy Carey Northway Nursing Scholarship Fund

Joe Schwem Memorial Scholarship - $3,000
   Kaitlyn Hammerle

Shepard Family Scholarship - $2,000
   Caleb Ziebarth

Ted and Nancy Sherman Scholarship - $2,000
   Winter Murray

Teddy Slough Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
   Kiera McBain
   Mallory Staley

Bob Snyder Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
   Thomas Reid

Choice Snyder Family Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
   Kaitlyn Hammerle

Pete Spieles Cross Country Scholarship - $12,000
Samuel Peterson

Walter & Norma Thorsen Scholarship - $1,000
   Caleb Ziebarth

Leszek Wasylewski Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Calvin Cousineau

Mark R. Yager Memorial Scholarship - $500
   Brooke Bixby

Muriel & Bill Zoulek Memorial Scholarship - $500
   Kyleigh McDuffie