Ethel Coeling Environmental Fund Celebrates 15 Years of Impact

The Ethel Coeling Environmental Fund was established 15 years ago with a bequest from her estate.  Since then other donors have supported this field of interest fund because they too wish to preserve and restore natural resources in and around Charlevoix County.

This impactful fund has been able to protect, preserve, restore, and improve precious environmental assets through grants totaling $525,000.  Area lakes, rivers, and streams are kept in good condition thanks to projects like road stream crossing improvements on the Boyne and Jordan Rivers and Stover Creek.  The stormwater management plan for Boyne Falls mitigates the impact of stormwater runoff into water resources.  Targeted programs to improve fish habitat and reduce invasive plant species in Lake Charlevoix have also received grant support.     

Grants from the Environmental Fund have assisted with trail improvements and signage on Beaver Island, at the Postle Preserve on Walloon Lake, at the Susan Creek Nature Preserve near Charlevoix, on the Lake-to-Lake Trail connecting Lake Charlevoix to Lake Michigan, as well as on the Avalanche Destination Trails in Boyne City.  Non-motorized trails enhance quality of life for residents but also draw visitors to the area.


The Environmental Fund also supports the important planning component of restoring and preserving our natural areas through municipal master plans, parks and recreation plans, and watershed management plans.  These behind-the-scenes research, planning, and implementation tools are available in communities like East Jordan, Charlevoix, Boyne Valley Township, and even Camp Sea Gull thanks to the Environmental Fund.


Learn more about Ethel Coeling and how you can leave a legacy through the Community Foundation.