Doug Fuller and Martha Lancaster

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Doug Fuller spent the school year dreaming about his next visit to northern Michigan (where his paternal ancestors settled in the late-1800s) with its many opportunities to fish, hike, and otherwise explore the woods and waters. In particular, his experiences fishing on Horton Creek and exploring its wild corridor sparked Doug’s love of the outdoors. 

Doug moved to northern Michigan after college, working as a natural resource professional for most of his career at the University of Michigan’s Biological Station, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, and Little Traverse Conservancy. “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to live here and have a career at these great organizations,” said Doug.


Doug’s wife Martha Lancaster was a leader in health and human services with her roles at Char-Em United Way and Planned Parenthood. “I am grateful to have been able to utilize my education and skills in work that I’ve enjoyed, and which has benefited the community.”

The pair continues to make time for enjoying the outdoors – both locally and beyond – through hiking, biking, paddling, and cross-country skiing; as well as volunteer work for causes that are close to their hearts. With this future gift, Doug and Martha hope to preserve and protect what they find to be most special about this place. They will continue their legacy of commitment to the community, building on contributions made during their lifetimes. For Good. For Ever.


Photo: Doug and Martha are pictured near Horton Creek at the Little Traverse Conservancy’s Rufus Teesdale Nature Preserve.

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