Fred and Barbara Malpass

Both Fred and Barbara Malpass were born and raised in northern Michigan - Fred in East Jordan, and Barbara in Petoskey.  They raised their four children here, and now have 11 grandchildren in the area.  The couple has been involved with the Community Foundation from the start, and Barbara has served on the Board of Trustees.  Early on, the couple established a donor advised fund, and each year they invite their children - and now the spouses as well - to help make grantmaking decisions.  This active process helps Fred and Barbara encourage philanthropy in their children and pass on their own legacy of giving. 

"Our parents raised both of us with the thinking that you have a responsibility to society to give back.  That was instilled in us. We've been extremely blessed as a family, and we've tried to live that out and pass that on to our own children," Fred explained.  The couple has ensured that this type of giving will continue for generations by allocating a portion of their estate to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.  "Leaving a legacy is a way for us to extend our giving to support our community," said Barbara.