Susan Van Wieren

Susan Van Wieren has as many connections to the Community Foundation as there are leaves on a tree. Her late husband, Gordon Van Wieren, facilitated the earliest discussions among the Community Foundation's founders back in 1991. Her daughter, Cathy Atchison, joined the Community Foundation's staff as a program officer several years later. Susan also learned about the impact of the Community Foundation during her time as an Assistant Superintendent at Char-Em ISD. "Then, when I read the story in an annual report about Sandi Laucher Button starting a fund - she's a friend of mine - I remember thinking that I would like to do something lasting when I had the capacity. Seeing Sandi's story really planted that seed for me," says Susan. 

In 2021, Susan was working with her financial advisor and reached out to the Community Foundation to learn more. After consideration, Susan opted to establish two funds for impact now and also made a plan to support causes she cares about most when she is gone. 

"Cathy's work with the Community Foundation all those years ago influenced me to establish the Susan and Gordon Van Wieren Fund for the Community. I don't need to direct how every dollar is spent and I know those flexible dollars can make a difference. The Susan Van Wieren Endowment that will be established when I'm gone will send contributions every year to the charities that are close to my heart. Community Foundation staff worked with me to consider and construct my legacy - I care about supporting those who are facing challenges and who need to know there are options for moving forward. My contributions through the Community Foundation will do that work, now and in the future." 

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