Recent Grants

Sail charlevoix program gets new boats!

This spring, the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) approved a grant to help fund the purchase of a new JY15 sailboat for the Lake Charlevoix Mariners’ Sail Charlevoix program. Sail Charlevoix has been operating in some form or another as a non-profit program to teach Charlevoix County youth how to sail since 1985. The JY15 is the main platform they use for teaching all ages and ability levels. In the past year, the Sail Charlevoix program trained more than 150 students, mostly between the ages of 8 and 17, the basics of sailing on Lake Charlevoix. Thanks to the funding from the YAC and other generous donors, plus the commitment of the Lake Charlevoix Mariners themselves, the group was able to purchase two new boats for the program this season. The new boats are built of solid fiberglass by a Michigan company, and as such, are expected to be more robust, easier to repair, and should last a lot longer than the previous boats. Pictured are the new boats in use this summer during the Sail Charlevoix program.  

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SUN fund grant benefits youth mental health


At a recent conference hosted by the Child Abuse Prevention and Education Council, more than 200 people took home a set of "Compassionate Self-Care Cards", designed by local artist and educator, Evelyn Ann Barber. These cards, with original art, are designed to be an additional tool for therapists, educators, and parents to connect with and strengthen a child's social and emotional health. Attendees at the conference included professionals from a variety of fields that work directly with children. Almost all professionals who reported using the cards during a session with a child reported a positive outcome in building trust, connection, and relationships.

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New Historical Signs Are Up


The Charlevoix Historical Society is proud to show off the new historical signs around town, just in time for the busy summer season. Seven historical signs with a total of 76 images were installed on June 27, 2019 in downtown Charlevoix, on the channel, and at the Train Depot. Check out the Life in Charlevoix mobile app and select Historic Charlevoix Tour for a map with all of the sign locations. The new signs showcase Charlevoix's proud history for all visitors and locals to enjoy while they enjoy the nice summer weather. 



Early Learners on wheels

The Early Learners program at Boyne City Public Schools recently expanded when the city passed a millage that would provide free pre-school to all resident students. For three and four year olds, the program was established in 2004 to ensure that our area youth are provided with the skills to prepare them for kindergarten. The program also meets the child care needs of families in the Boyne community. In the last year, the program grew from 33 students to 80 students.

The program received another boost from a recent grant through the Community Foundation that allowed for the purchase of 10 trikes and the creation of a "Wheeled Play Area" for students. Students need a variety of physical activity during the day and a wheeled play area provides the variety of play that will help students' growth and behavior. Early introduction to biking is a key to helping students learn to enjoy riding and being physically active. Superintendent of Boyne City Public Schools, Pat Little, said "It came to light that several of the students do not have access to wheeled toys due to where they live." He said that the three-year-olds are loving the trikes and the wheeled play area is the preferred play area at the Early Learners Program. Little also commented, "I enjoy the fact that we offer a variety of exercise and outdoor experiences for students."

The Wheeled Play Area has been a huge success. This grant, along with other community donations, have given students access to new avenues of exercise and outdoor play.