Twiggy, Dixie, Duke and JoJo

Twiggy, Dixie, Duke and JoJo. Woodie, Sassy, Oliver, and Fuzzles.  Here at the Community Foundation, we love to hear about the companion animals who receive assistance from the Rylie Memorial Animal Care Fund.  Since it was established in 2012, the Rylie Fund has helped more than forty cats and dogs in need of veterinary services beyond what their families could afford. 


Through a partnership with the Charlevoix Area Humane Society and veterinarians across the region, qualifying companion animals are referred to the Community Foundation.  Charlevoix Veterinary Hospital, Jensen’s Animal Hospital, Jordan Valley Animal Clinic, and Lake Street Veterinary Clinic have supported local families with their pets, like Oliver the Cat who had a fractured leg and Sully the Dog who met an unfriendly porcupine. 


Several months ago Bella, a 9-month-old Lab and best friend to a young Charlevoix County boy, was in distress and needed immediate medical attention.  A local veterinarian discovered that Bella had an obstruction and would need emergency surgery.  The vet is a Beaver Island resident and flew Bella to the Island with him for surgery and recovery.  Surgery removed ropey material and children’s toys, effectively saving Bella from the obstruction. 


The cost of emergency surgery and follow up therapy was an unexpected expense that was out of reach for Bella’s family.  With the quick action of the Charlevoix Area Humane Society, excellent care from the local vet, and the help of the Rylie Memorial Animal Care Fund at the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, Bella received the treatment she needed.  We’re happy to share that Bella was reunited with her family back on the mainland and is doing well.