Where to Give

Would you like to contribute to a fund that is already making a difference in Charlevoix County?  Take a look a these ten Community Grantmaking Funds that provide flexible grant-making dollars to keep this community we love moving forward.  When you give back through the Community Fund or the more targeted field of interest funds, your contribution joins with others to grow this lasting resource for Charlevoix County.


The Community Fund

A fund that supports programs, projects and organizations that enchance the quality of life
throughout Charlevoix County.

Funds for the Community

Alyce Lesser Fund for the Community

Drost Fund for the Community



Arts & Culture Fund

Environmental Fund Health Fund Urgent Needs Fund Youth Fund

Bonnie Staffel Fund for
Arts & Culture




Tunison-Garlock Fund for
the Environment




Towsley Fund for Health
Owen Welsh Fund for Health







Bye Fund for Youth
Pung Fund for Youth
Towsley Fund for Youth
Tunison-Garlock Fund for Youth




Beaver Island
Enrichment Fund

Adams Fund for Beaver Island


Boyne City
Enrichment Fund

Davis Fund for Boyne City


Enrichment Fund

Barbara G. MacArthur
 Fund for Charlevoix


East Jordan
Enrichment Fund

Watson Fund for East Jordan
Walker Fund for East Jordan



Funds that Support:

Arts and Culture
Community Improvement
Human Services

Funds that Support:

Beaver Island
Boyne City
Boyne Falls
East Jordan
Walloon Lake


Funds that Support:

Specific Causes
Special Projects
Student Scholarships



All Funds Listed A - Z