Charlevoix Enrichment Fund

The Charlevoix Enrichment Fund has the flexibility to support organizations, programs, and projects that have a county-wide scope, such as the Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital renovation or Leadership Charlevoix County, but focuses on initiatives and needs in Charlevoix. 

Projects like the Depot Beach Historic Garden and the film documentary on Earl Young, the “Wizard of Boulder Park”, are uniquely connected to Charlevoix, as are summer camp and skiing experiences at Mt. McSauba.  The Charlevoix Enrichment Fund has provided funding for these programs and projects and more.  Other examples of the impact of the Community Foundation’s support include swimming lessons and facilities improvements at the Charlevoix Area Pool, Senior Project FRESH coupons for seniors-in-need to purchase produce at farmers’ markets, and children’s programs at the Charlevoix Public Library.  The Charlevoix Circle of Arts received a grant to expand the summer camp and the City of Charlevoix placed art in public spaces with grant support.

Because the Charlevoix Enrichment Fund is endowed, it will continue to grow and provide grant dollars for these kinds of programs and projects and more, both now and into the future.  Contributions to the Charlevoix Enrichment Fund join together, resulting in greater impact for this community we love.

Photo: The Community Foundation's Charlevoix Enrichment Fund supported the effort to make the Charlevoix Historical Society's museum, Harsha House, more accessible with a ramp.