Apply for a scholarship


The 2021 scholarship season has recently concluded. We are currently in the process of updating our applications and scholarship funds.  


The 2022 scholarship applications will be available in early December.


2021 Scholarship Recipients: Claim your scholarship through the follow up here.

  • Follow ups received by July 1, 2021 ensure that your award will promptly be submitted to your college or university.
  • Your scholarship award(s) will be distributed equally between first and second semesters.
  • Scholarships must be used for tuition only.

       What if I don’t complete my follow up form by July 1st?

  • Forms can still be submitted; however, the college/university may not receive this in time for your first payment due date.
  • If you need to defer your scholarship for another semester or for up to one year, you need to contact Mishelle Shooks at These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis. A follow up will still need to be submitted. 
  • Scholarships must be claimed or deferred by October 31st of the awarded year or the scholarship will no longer be available.


If you have additional questions about scholarships, please email Mishelle Shooks at


If you're getting a jump start on next year's scholarship applications, click here for a tutorial on how to write a personal statement. This tutorial helps with getting started on a broad personal statement. Some scholarships will require personal statements that focus in a more specific area.