What is the Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society recognizes individuals and couples who have named the Charlevoix County Community Foundation as a beneficiary of any type of planned or deferred gift. The purpose of the society is to acknowledge and thank those who have made gifts of this type, and to inspire others to do the same.


How are members of the Legacy Society recognized?

Members of the Legacy Society will be recognized in Community Foundation publications and invited to special receptions for Legacy Society members.


Do I have to identify the level of my gift?

We will not ask the amount that is being directed to the Community Foundation. You are encouraged however, to discuss your gift with us. Doing so will ensure that the Community Foundation is familiar with your charitable intentions and can honor your wishes in perpetuity.


Can I direct how I would like my gift to be used? 

You have a range of options available to you through the Community Foundation.  We are happy to discuss them with you to help you determine the best fit, as outlined in a "designation of proceeds" agreement.  Your instructions to us can be changed at any time.


What kind of gifts qualify?

Charitable bequests from a will or a trust are the most common ways to leave a legacy gift to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. Some donors have made the foundation a full or partial beneficiary of 401k/IRA plans, and others have made the foundation a full or partial beneficiary of their life insurance policies. Still others have established Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable Remainder Trusts with the Community Foundation.

How is my gift to the community foundation formalized?

The Community Foundation uses a 'designation of proceeds' agreement that details your intentions for the gift.  The agreement is signed and filed until the gift is realized.  Whenever that happens, your charitable wishes will being to do the good work you intended. This agreement is merely guidance so you can change it with Community Staff at any time. 


Since many of the choices about your future gift are personal and since there are a variety of options available to you, the best thing to do is to contact Sara Ward at 231-536-2440 or sward@c3f.org, to discuss your ideas and options.

You can also learn more about how to leave a legacy with the Community Foundation by checking out our Legacy Guide or emailing us to request a copy be mailed to you.

We look forward to helping you determine the best way to make a difference with your future gift.