Growing the Community Endowment

Charlevoix County has changed over the past hundred years...

and while no one knows how the County will change over the next hundred years, the Community Endowment at the Charlevoix County Community Foundation will be able to address needs and advance opportunities…whatever they may be.

Since 1992, thousands of people who love this special place have pooled their resources to make a difference through the Community Foundation. 

The Community Foundation accepts contributions large and small, which are carefully invested to grow the endowment over time. Each year, earnings are used to make grants that support a variety of community programs that enrich Charlevoix County for all of us. Programs and projects that the Community Foundation supports now are the result of gifts made by donors in the past.

One fund within the Community Foundation, the Community Endowment provides the steady, long-term support that will help communities across Charlevoix County to become stronger, healthier, more vibrant, and ready for whatever needs and opportunities will exist years and years from now. Anyone can give to the Community Endowment, where gifts combine to grow and make grants over time.   Engaged committee members apply grant dollars directly where they are needed – even as needs and opportunities change. 


Giving to the Community Endowment today will provide flexible grant dollars all over Charlevoix County.

From Beaver Island to Boyne Falls, for the arts, the trails, the children, the lakes, and more. 

For good. For ever.


Learn more about local impact and grant-making from the Community Endowment.