Shirley Gibson

Shirley Gibson is a fourth-generation Charlevoix native. She moved away for a time but grew tired of big city living and returned home in the eighties. Shirley always loved the scenic trails around the city, the rolling dunes near Mt. McSauba, the tree-lined streets downtown, and the quiet serenity of her own backyard. She’s been involved in city politics frequently through the years, serving her community in leadership roles. When it came time for her to think more about her own estate and the legacy she wants to leave, she decided to talk with the Community Foundation about ways to keep supporting Charlevoix even after she’s gone. Shirley chose to leave a portion of her estate to the Community Foundation, where she knew it would be well-managed and would do good work for years to come. Each year, area organizations that care for animals, restore the environment, and make a difference in Charlevoix will receive support thanks to Shirley, allowing them to continue to carry out their important work. “I just knew it was a good thing to do,” said Shirley. “You have to take care of things while you are here, but being able to help take care of them in the future is a real gift.”

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