Wally Klein

Wally Klein spends her summers in Charlevoix, where she is known for her civic involvement and volunteerism.  Because she has a variety of interests, ranging from art to health, Wally established a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation to conduct most of her charitable giving through one convenient channel. Many donors like Wally find a  donor advised fund is an efficient, tax-wise alternative to creating a private foundation. 

Grants directed from Wally's donor advised fund make a difference for dedicated nonprofit organizations in the area today, while her estate gift to the Community Endowment will make a difference in the future, forever.  The Community Endowment is the most flexible fund at the Community Foundation because the purpose is simply to make grants that address a variety of important needs in Charlevoix County. Committees of board trustees and engaged community members respond to requests from charitable partners, applying these grant dollars directly where they’re needed through grant cycles and through proactive grant-making – even as needs and priorities change.  

Giving to the Community Endowment requires  an awareness that the future holds more than we can imagine.  Someday Wally's estate gift will enrich the Community Endowment, and her legacy of community philanthropy will continue…forever.

What will your legacy be?  Learn more about how to leave a legacy through the Community Foundation.