Funds for the Community

The Community Foundation is a dedicated partner in philanthropy for charitably-minded individuals, couples, families, and businesses.  Some donors support the Community Fund, one fund within the Community Foundation that provides flexible grant-making dollars to make a difference in Charlevoix County.   Funds for the Community are available for those who wish to grow a fund in their name that will complement the Community Fund and provide grant dollars to respond to needs and opportunities in the future.

  • Funds for the Community can be named. For example, the Smith Family Fund for the Community, the John and Marjorie Smith Fund for the Community, or the Local Business Fund for the Community would recognize those who feel a connection to the area and care about the future of Charlevoix County. 
  • The minimum to start a Fund for the Community is $5,000.
  • Donors can start a Fund for the Community at one time or grow the Fund to the minimum over 5 years.  Continued contributions will allow for greater grant-making moving forward.
  • Dollars produced by Funds for the Community will increase grant dollars available from the Community Fund for a greater investment in Charlevoix County. Those grants are given to local nonprofits each year to make a difference close to home.
  • Funds for the Community are eligible to receive Qualified Charitable Distributions from a donor's IRA.

When you establish a Fund for the Community, you are giving with an awareness that the future holds more than we can imagine.  Giving back with a Fund for the Community can accomplish more…forever.

Learn more by contacting Sara Ward at 231-536-2440 or sward@c3forg.