Funds for the Community

The Community Foundation has offered a personal, powerful, permanent way to make a difference close to home for 25 years.  Gifts to the Community Foundation allow donors to make the most of their charitable dollars by joining together many contributions and growing them for the future of Charlevoix County. 


Because of the Community Foundation’s focus on the future, we are excited to introduce a new tool to help donors give back to this place they love: Funds for the Community.  This type of fund is flexible and far-reaching because the purpose of the fund is simply to make grants that address a variety of important needs in Charlevoix County.  Committees of board trustees and engaged community members can apply these grant dollars directly where they’re needed, both in response to requests and proactively to address issues that impact our community.  Funds for the Community can also leverage gifts from hundreds of other donors by working together with the Community Fund to make a difference in this place we love. 


Funds for the Community are intended to provide a way for people to show their support for the community or perhaps honor a loved one.  The Funds may be named, whether for a family, a couple, an individual, or a business.  For example, the Smith Family Fund for the Community or the John and Marjorie Smith Fund for the Community would recognize those who feel a connection to the area and care about the future of Charlevoix County. 


The trustees of the Community Foundation have set the minimum to establish a Fund for the Community at $5,000, lower than any other type of fund at the Community Foundation.  This choice was deliberate, as Funds for the Community are valuable resources that have the power to move the community forward for a brighter future.  Donors can establish a Fund for the Community at one time, grow the fund over five years, or include a future gift in a will or trust.  Contributions to those Funds for the Community will be carefully invested to grow the endowment over time.  Each year the Community Foundation will use a portion of the endowment earnings to support a wide variety of programs and projects that make Charlevoix County better.  Even with grants made each year, the balance will continue to grow over time.



When you establish a Fund for the Community, you are giving with an awareness that the future holds more than we can imagine.  Giving back with a Fund for the Community can accomplish more…forever.


Learn more by contacting Chip Hansen at 231-536-2440 or chansen@c3forg.