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Nearly $192,000 awarded in scholarships

Each year the Community Foundation awards merit scholarships to outstanding local students entering the skilled trades, community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities. These students have demonstrated their eagerness to succeed beyond high school and have shown promise in their work ethic and in their academic achievement. In total, the Charlevoix County Community Foundation has awarded nearly $2.8 million in scholarships since 1992.




“It is important to make a positive impact on our community,”  


Patricia and Paul Brewer are two hard-working people who fell in love with Boyne City and decided to give back through the Community Foundation. “We give more of our time than our money now because it connects us to the community and we get a greater feeling of making progress toward a better future.”











GRANT IMPACT:  Early Learners on the move


A recent grant to the Boyne City Public Schools' Early Learners program allowed for the purchase of 10 new trikes for their three and four year olds.