Environment, Land Use, & Recreation Grants Awarded

March 31, 2021

The Community Foundation, through its first grant cycle of 2021, is responding to many requests from nonprofit partners in the areas of environment, land use, and recreation. Thanks to donors who look to the Community Foundation to make a difference close to home, grants have been awarded to nonprofits who will work on clean energy initiatives, shoreline stabilization and invasive species management, addressing stormwater runoff, planting trees, and more.  

Students in the East Jordan Middle/High School volunteer and leadership program, called the Shoe Club, will be moving forward with their project to install a solar array at the EJ Middle/High School. They plan to install the array this spring and summer and it will improve energy efficiency at the school as well as provide opportunities for students to continue to learn about solar energy. Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities is a partner with EJPS and will be developing the solar curriculum to go along with this solar array, as well as for other schools as they begin to embrace solar energy in the future.

The Charlevoix Antrim Kalkaska Emmet Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area, better known as Antrim Conservation District’s CAKE CISMA, will develop a tool lending library at the Charlevoix Conservation District so that landowners can learn more about managing invasive species on their own land. Additionally, CAKE CISMA will be working on shore stabilization and revitalization at Bennett Creek, a tributary to the Jordan River. Hayes Township will also be working on shore stabilization and other improvements as they create a schematic design for Camp Seagull.

Challenge Mountain and the Charlevoix Area Community Pool will both be working on repairing drainage issues, standing water, and stormwater runoff at their respective parking lots. Cleaning up road runoff is important environmental protection for groundwater and for keeping lakes and rivers clean. Another way to keep ecosystems in balance is to plant trees, which is the plan for Charlevoix Public Schools’ “Roots for Rayders” program. Kindergarten students and high school seniors will team up to plant trees, with lots of environmental education along the way.

In total, $86,136 in grants have been awarded through the 2021 Environment & Land Use grant cycle. Click here for a complete list of grants. A portion of the grant funds were produced by a fund that is being invested in a socially responsible way. By investing these dollars in environment, social, and governance investments (ESG), the fund will continue to grow, while also supporting and being supported by income from socially responsible companies.

The next grant cycle is called Community Priorities. Applications are now being accepted. This cycle will focus on requests from eligible nonprofit partners for county-wide projects, arts and culture, veterans, health and wellness, and substance abuse projects or programs, and the organizations that make this work possible. In 2021, requests for general support are being accepted in all grant cycles.  Applications are due by Saturday, May 1, 2021.  The Community Foundation welcomes inquiries about applying for grants anytime by contacting Ashley Cousens or Mishelle Shooks.