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The Charlevoix County Community Foundation is fortunate to be part of a caring, generous, and resilient community. The health and safety of our partners, staff, and neighbors is always our top priority. We know that many friends and neighbors will experience increased hardship as schools are temporarily closed, hours are reduced, or people stick closer to home.

We encourage you to support local nonprofit organizations that work with the people and families who are most vulnerable in our communities. You can also make a contribution to the Community Foundation's Urgent Needs Fund, which will be put to use in the coming days and weeks to help keep lights on and food on the tables in our community.

The Community Foundation is not able to help individuals directly, but supports partners who can. To learn more about organizations in your community that can offer help, call 211 or text your zip code to 898211.

In times like these, philanthropy can make a big difference close to home.


Urgent Needs Fund Makes Grants to Help Neighbors Impacted by COVID-19

March 25, 2020

There are lots of needs right now. They are likely to continue for some time. By supporting local nonprofit organizations, community members can help meet some of those needs for individuals and families who are experiencing loss of income caused by COVID-19.


Food pantries and human services organizations that provide help with utilities and other necessities will see community needs increase in the weeks ahead. Donations to those organizations will ease the burdens faced by many who are unable to work due to necessary social distancing.


In response to this situation, the Charlevoix County Community Foundation (C3F) has made $25,000 in grants to partner organizations.  “Our goal will be to mobilize additional resources from the Urgent Needs Fund and others to respond to the developing COVID-19 crisis that is impacting friends and neighbors across Charlevoix County,” said Chip Hansen, President of the Community Foundation. To provide resources to nonprofits over the next weeks and months, and to help ensure funding will be available in the longer term, C3F encourages community members who want to help to make contributions to the Urgent Needs Fund here


Nonprofit partners who are providing critical services to individuals and families who are disproportionately impacted by the instability and economic consequences caused by COVID-19 are eligible for further support as well.  “The Community Foundation will be using the Urgent Needs Fund to help partner organizations, though the funding is limited,” notes Hansen. “We have provided an Urgent Needs grant application through our website to help partners receive support.  We will also work to connect donor advisors – individuals, families, and businesses that have charitable funds here at the Community Foundation – with our community’s needs,” he explains.


Click the links above to learn more about the special COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund application for nonprofits or to make a gift to help keep the Urgent Needs Fund strong and supportive for our commmunity during this crisis.



Environment, land use, and recreation grant awards announced

The Community Foundation launched its new grant cycle schedule in 2020, responding to requests from nonprofit partners in the areas of environment, land use, and recreation in February. Thanks to donors who look to the Community Foundation to make a difference close to home, grants have been awarded to nonprofits who will work on invasive species management, water quality, recreation and access to natural resources and more.


Read the full story here, including all grants awarded this cycle. 



making a difference close to home: Dave and Ruth Skop

Dave and Ruth have deep roots in the area. Dave is originally from Boyne Falls and Ruth grew up in East Jordan.

“I learned about giving through the Community Foundation while serving on an advisory committee. We decided to include organizations that are near to our hearts and that we already give to,” said Ruth.

“We don’t need to keep it all for ourselves,” noted Dave. “We have enough for ourselves and can be generous with our community and hope others will be encouraged to consider how they might be able to make a difference,” adds Ruth.









GRANT IMPACT:  preserving beaver island history

Recent grants to the Beaver Island Historical Society have allowed for a major building renovation, which is underway now. With support from Henry L. Hill's estate gift through the Community Foundation, the building addition is progressing quickly. 

Read the Full Story and check out