About Our Grants

In 2023, the Community Foundation is offering 5 community grant cycles, and two ongoing grant cycles, as outlined below. This includes a new grant cycle specifically for Arts & Culture needs. Organizations are encouraged to reach out to our grants staff anytime to discuss upcoming needs and grant ideas. Our staff will help to determine your eligibility for the available grant cycles listed below. 

Below is an outline of our 2023 grant focus areas and grant cycle deadlines. We will host two virtual grant information sessions in January and February 2023 for nonprofits and the public to learn more and ask questions about the 2023 Grantmaking Program. More information can be found using the links below or by emailing Ashley Cousens (acousens@c3f.org).  

On our how to apply page, there is a short summary for each grant cycle, plus links for grant guidelines and criteria for each cycle. Use these links to see a list of recent grants and scholarships made by the Community Foundation.