Making a difference through the Community Foundation

                   is  as  individual  as  those  who  give.


For those who wish to support causes they care about most now, the Community Foundation offers options from the flexible and broad – like the Community Endowment – to the very focused – like the Rylie Memorial Animal Care Fund that helps neighbors in need get urgent veterinary care for their companion pets.  You can give directly to organizations that are important to you.  You can also give to funds held at the Charlevoix County Community Foundation that are dedicated to supporting those organizations.  Or if you wish to make a difference without impacting your finances now, the Community Foundation can help arrange for a future gift, too, like the MacArthurs. 

During their lifetimes, Bruce and Barbara MacArthur volunteered their time and shared their resources with the Charlevoix Area Community Pool, Keep Charlevoix Beautiful, and the Charlevoix Area Garden Club.  Each of those organizations enrich the area for residents, resorters, and visitors.  Bruce and Barbara MacArthur were dedicated to Charlevoix.  Although they are both gone now, their legacies live on: Bruce leaves behind a fund that provides each year for the Charlevoix Area Community Pool; the Barbara G. MacArthur Fund for Charlevoix provides flexible dollars for making a difference in the place she loved.

More than 60 individuals and couples have worked with their professional advisors and the Community Foundation to create a plan for a future gift.  Each plan is unique and reflects the causes the donors care about most and the legacies they will leave for generations to come. 

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy, check out the Legacy Guide or call 231-536-2440 to request a printed copy.  To explore existing funds, visit Where to Give.  Community Foundation staff can learn about the impact you hope to have and suggest ways to give now – or in the future – to make a difference close to home.